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I just recently got back from a truly awesome vacation. We took a friend’s 38’ RV down to Tellico Plains Tennessee. We then rode our Motorcycles all around the area for 4 days. We of course did the Dragons Tail and Deals Gap, but the entire area is a treasure trove of Motorcycle Rides designed in heaven. Unfortunately I was too busy riding to take pictures. We then loaded the bikes back into the garage (In the back of the RV) and drove to Barber’s Motorsports Park for...
I am planning on attending.
I have not read this thread for a while (I skipped the last two pages to avoid spoilers). I was on vacation and returned to find that my DVR had failed to record anything for the last two weeks. So I missed the last two episodes. Does anyone know of a non virus laden streaming site where I can stream or download the final two episodes.   Many Thanks
I had not realized that a 5th (16 Episode) season has already been announced. I wish that they would have kept that a secret. Now there's no doubt that WW will continue to survive for at least a while longer. Not knowing is part of the appeal.   I feel that ultimately WW has to die. The question is will it be due to Cancer, or Drug Violence, and will it also destroy those around him? Or maybe being caught, convicted and then shanked in prison, or dying a miserable...
  Why would you assume that they intend to redeem WW? I always took the point of BB to be watching a once good and decent man go down the rabbit hole. IMO He is beyond redemption.  
If at all possible I'll attend.
  You'd be assuming incorrectly. Hooked up with a gigabit Ethernet LAN.
Complaining about the WiFi Dongle already? Methinks you don't understand what Beta testing means. You should be offering the feedback to PS Audio and withholding your final judgments until the Beta testing is over.   I love my PWD/Bridge. It is overall a fantastic DAC, that being said I am annoyed by:   1) 24/192 playback Skipping. I've all but given up on 24/192 playback, can't get through a entire track without dropouts/skips. The really sad thing is 24/192...
I agree Oppo's are overrated (Sound quality). That being said I own a modified BDP-83SE. The BDP-83SE stock was sort of uninspiring, hardly a world class source. After modification by Exemplar Audio it was dramatically better, but still not exactly world class. Stock it's good, modified it's very good, but according to many here and elsewhere the Oppo's (BDP-83/SE and now the 93/95) are world class audio sources, They're not. They're good, and I whole heartily recommend...
Enough on TV's already. This is an Audio Forum after all.
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