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For what it's worth Sound and Vision has done a review of the PWD/PWT/Bridge system.   http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/article/review-ps-audio-perfectwave-system?page=0,0   Also in the latest PS Audio newsletter they have announced that effective December 1st there will be a price increase, but no info on how much.
I'm finally being forced to sell off my stereo, so here goes my prized Amplifiers (The matching preamp JC2 is also available).   2 Parasound JC1 Mono Amplifiers. These are amongst the best amplifiers in the world, regardless of price. They retail for $9000/pair. For complete information see Parasound's website ( http://www.parasound.com/halo/jc1.php ) They have complete specs and links to many reviews.   Amps are mint and I have OBM (They come double boxed)    First...
  Not the Accord owner.   Why is it that most people believe that the point of technological or performance diminishing returns happens to be  magically within their spending limit?   I've got news for you: Just like Home users the level (performance & price) of DACs that Studios use runs the gambit. The Benchmark and cheaper Lavry units are fairly inexpensive  Pro D/As (In reality the Benchmark DAC1 and Lavry DA10/11 were primarily intended for Remote Monitoring)...
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Here is my Baby; a 2000 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa
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I'm feeling old, but you all need to see What's up Tiger Lily. The greatest movie ever made about Egg Salad
I just recently got back from a truly awesome vacation. We took a friend’s 38’ RV down to Tellico Plains Tennessee. We then rode our Motorcycles all around the area for 4 days. We of course did the Dragons Tail and Deals Gap, but the entire area is a treasure trove of Motorcycle Rides designed in heaven. Unfortunately I was too busy riding to take pictures. We then loaded the bikes back into the garage (In the back of the RV) and drove to Barber’s Motorsports Park for...
I am planning on attending.
I have not read this thread for a while (I skipped the last two pages to avoid spoilers). I was on vacation and returned to find that my DVR had failed to record anything for the last two weeks. So I missed the last two episodes. Does anyone know of a non virus laden streaming site where I can stream or download the final two episodes.   Many Thanks
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