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Domestic US (866) 406-8946   FYI - The PS audio has a very informative Support section. It includes many email addresses and phone numbers. Why you asked here
There is Mechanical Break-in and Electrical Break-in. A DAC and Amp Obviously don't have any Mechanical component, but obviously are fairly complex from an Electrical standpoint. Since most users in this thread are finding that the sound of the Bifrost is changing over the first hundred hours of use (give or take) let's assume for arguments sake that Break-in does happen. If you want to argue IF Break-in exists I'd suggest that you head over to the Sound Science Forum...
As the Thread Starter I need to step in and remind people that this is a Show Off Thread, as in "Pictures Of Your High End System" It's not a Random Pictures of High End Equipment Thread.
Sensitive much?     Oh...and I'm just padding my post count.
Sorry, I know it's short notice, but I am donating to the Auction CAMELOT - The Dragon 5.1 It's a DVD/CD Jitter Filter. I believe that it was $499 Retail - and I know that it has gone for $180 on Audiogon.   Here is the text from a review on Audioreview.com   Price Paid: $180.00 from Audiogon auction Summary: In one word: incredible. If you don't think jitter in the digital signal is a problem, you will have a revelation with the Dragon 5.1. The device...
As far as driving the HE-500's goes, I don't know, but the Asgard drives my HE-5LE's really well. Since I understand that the 500's are easier than the 5LE's to drive I'd bet that it'll drive the 500's well, but until you actually try the combination you won't know for sure. YMMV
I love my PWD, but they have taken entirely too long to resolve some of the Bridge issues, and others still remain unresolved. I'm patient, but coming out with a MkII before the Mk I's are 100% leaves a decidedly sour taste in my mouth.   Money is so tight I've been considering selling my PWD, now I have to order early (with no idea as to if it really is better) to get the good guy early adopter upgrade price. If the Schiit Reference DAC was around I think I might go...
I'm still in, and a friend will be tagging along.   I'll be bringing a set of HE-5LE Headphones, a Schiit Asgard, and a decent source.   I'm also happy to provide the Silent auction sheets and stuff. If no one else steps up I can also MC the auction.   and consider this a reminder to consider donating stuff the the auction (typical items - CD's DVD's, Computer Stuff, Audio Equipment, audio Accessories, Headphones, used undergarments, what...wait )   Also...
My iPhone was stolen and I unfortunately do not have the funds to replace, so my bridge sits unused. I'm using a Touch as the streaming source, it's not as good but it doesn't suck either.   Finances mean that I will be entertaining serious offers for my PWD/Bridge.
From some of the posts here it appears that some are mistaken; the Bifrost does NOT upsample, It decodes what it is fed in its native sample rate.   Direct quote from the Schiit website:   "Bifrost dispenses with the sample rate converter and uses a sophisticated master clock management system to deliver bit-perfect data to the DAC, preserving all the original music samples--whether it's 16/44.1 or 24/192"
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