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I will be attending this year . It will be nice to see the gang. Not sure if I'll be there in my official capacity as a Cable Company Representative, or just as me Pretty sure that I'll book a hotel so that I can join the post meet festivities. Whichever capacity i attend in, I am pleased that I am able. Ethan/Yikes
Hello All :)   Unless this is the same weekend as the NY Audio Show (I believe that's what happened last time) I'll be there. I'll confirm after CES. Next week is CES and I'm in full on Toy Hunting Mode    Later Ethan
  It has been a while since I've added new stuff to my system. Well in the last 4 weeks I've gone a little crazy. BOLD IS NEW (For me)   Speakers: NHT 2.9 (Siltech Internal recable G6 Silver/Gold) Amplifier: Jadis Defy 7 (Siltech Silver output wiring) Preamplifier: VAC Renaissance Mk I (Very nice MM Phono Stage with MC Step up transformers) D/A: PS Audio PWD MKII (With the BRIDGE) Transport: PS Audio PerfectWavetm CD/DVD Memory player Turntable: VPI...
Still loving the PWD, still think it is the best digital source under north of 30k especially when sitting atop a Synergistic Reseach Tranquility Base and using a WW Platinum HDMI from the PWT. Sorry for the awful pic
sure, a $9000 polish unit with questionable distribution in the states, everyone is running out to do the comparison
These amps sold in December, sorry.
Hi,   1. Are you familiar with SACD? DSD? Yes 2. Do you own any SACDs? Yes 200+ 3. If so, what percentage of your collection is SACD vs CD or files? < 4% 4. Is SACD/DSD decoding an important consideration when you're looking for a DAC? Important? No (Since I have 2 high quality SACD players). Would I like it?  sure. 5. If you owned a DAC that could be upgraded to playing SACD/DSD, what would you pay for the upgrade? As high as + 30% maybe 40%   It...
I just finished the week from Hell. I moved, dropped an LCD TV on to my foot, spent two days in the Hospital with a G.I. Bleed. Too much fun for words.   I'm sorry to report a scheduling conflict. The NY meet is the same weekend as the Newport Audio Show. I must attend the Newport Audio Show, so I won't be able to make it to Long Island.   I will be in Newport with at least 10 high end headphones.   Have a great Meet.   Ethan Yikes  
I'll jump right on that 
Bump - To hopefully get some additional votes.
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