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Once again Koscheck makes the mistake of trying to do it as a Striker and for the most part he ignored his primary strength, and paid the price.
I follow collegiate  Wrestling so I have followed Koscheck's MMA career with great interest. His wrestling is his core strength, so he has worked on becoming a better striker. I think that in the last year or two he has tried too hard to prove that he's more than a wrestler, so he stands and bangs ignoring his core strength, to his detriment.   So Koscheck is my favorite MMA fighter. I watched some of TUF, and he came off as an Idiot and an AH. He certainly makes it...
Damn it Monkey! Never Ever ask a question like that!   The last thing we (As PWD owners) want to hear is how a ten year old DAC compares.  
you need a set of IEM's
I had my Exemplar SACD Player there. In the past I've brought my Exemplar (OPPO) BDP-83SE and an assortment of 24/192 DVD-A discs along with my PS Audio PWD and I found very little interest in anyone wanting to listen to my 24/192 titles. Aaron had his Exemplar (Oppo) BDP-83 that would play SACD and DVD-A. There's usually a few computer based rigs that can do up to 24/96, but since they tend to be USB based I tend to ignore them. (I'm not a USB fan).   I am in the...
You've been a member for less than a day, and you've started 7 threads and posted an additional 18 times. You should take a moment (or a thousand) and read some other threads. You're asking multiple questions that are already well covered. Experienced members tend to only answer the same question a limited number of times. Therefore when you ask a question that has been covered ad nauseam elsewhere you'll primarily get responses from inexperienced uses.   In other...
 I'm surprised, not one comment on this photo? Tom, Ray, Jude and me (Ethan), all standing.  
It was a GREAT Meet! I'd like to thank EriK for an amazing job of organizing and hosting the meet, MOT's and others (Especially InnerSound (Jim)) for their generous donations for the "Not So Silent Auction", and Vinnie (RWA) for springing for lunch.   I'm not in the market for any Audio gear, so my listening was self limited. I wanted to compare the LCD-2 and HE-6 to my HE-5LE Headphones. On the RWA Amp/DAC system the HE-6 was stunning. I was surprised that the LCD-2...
They're way ahead of you.
I could have sworn that I posted this info about an hour ago but it's gone, so...   The Sennheiser RF Headphone System that I'm donating to the auction is working great! It's actually better than I remembered.
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