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I'm in (unless potential work interferes). Tom, Are you taking off of work, or will you be showing up a little later?
I understand the Electrostatic appeal. I owned the ML/Kinergetics mini-Statement system in the 90's. Stats are much more Head in a vise than most dynamics.
Yes Infinity Renaissance 90's would walk on most Sony speakers (even though they were released long after Harmon had already trashed the Infinity line), the real issue is that he was referring to a Sony amp in comparison to a Krell amp, not your speakers. FYI - The Infinity Renaissance 90's retailed for $3,600 not $6000
Are we still talking about actual Brownies? or is it some kind of a code?   Sorry Aaron, couldn't resist
Wrong thread to be discussing DBT, Cables and tweaks. Post pictures of your TICE Clock and then a comment or two might be appropriate, otherwise this is "Pictures of Your High End System" thread. I've heard the weirdest crap make fairly significant differences, so I stay quiet even when someone says their system sounds different on Odd numbered days.
Portable? As in with a Handle? I haven't seen a Portable Turntable with speakers since the mid 80's. Your only chance is eBay/Craig's list, and even if you found one it would still suck.
Why? Leave the amp hooked up and playing (I've used a DirecTV music channel in a pinch) 24/7 for 7-10 days, then listen. Just be sure to place the amp where children won't be tempted by the Glowing bits, and place it somewhere that is clear of combustibles (paper, draperies, gasoline, thermite... etc.).   If I'm going to be listening to any of my tubed amps anytime in the next next 4-6 hours I generally leave them on (They sound better after being on for several hours...
Since you exchanged information it might be wise to swing by and take some pictures of the damaged truck, that is if there is no additional damage.
 Drew is a legitimate dealer, so he qualifies for a free pass (if registering early enough).Sorry - Jude already answered.Jude does get around, I ran into him at the OnHigherNote function. Although he ran away before we had a chance to chat (between the Luxman amp and all of the hot air being generated by the High End audio types there it was hotter than Hell in the room so I was in the hall and ultimately I was probably the one who ran away
I disagree with the statement that "Most" of us with computer based setups are using Active monitors. Is is true in so much that most Computer based systems are using crap cheap computer speakers. Most users who are after higher sound quality however output to some form of amp to drive conventional speakers. I have no less than 3 separate computer based systems, all use conventional speakers. 1) Office System - Coaxial out from my 4TB office computer feeding an Exemplar...
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