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Before Jason chimed in with some very rough estimates on prices for the upmarket DACs I was thinking $550-$600 for the Balanced (USB of course will add $100) and for the reference DAC I'm betting it will be in the $1100-$1200 range. Parts they is expensive.
You shouldn't automatically assume that a film is a certain genre just because a certain actor is in it. It takes about 5 seconds to find out a little about a film before you go and spend your hard earned money on it. You really have no one to blame except for yourself.
Sorry Friends, I am il, and since I was only able to sleep for about an hour I've decided that it would be unwise for me to drive 2+ hours each way to attend the meet. I hope that someone else reads this in time and brings some paper and pens for the auction. I realize that few are as loud mouthed as I am, but several other regulars are no slouches in that department so hopefully someone else will step into my size 15 shoes. Have a good time.
Sigh... No real surprise, the prototype Exemplar Amp did not show up. I'm considering not bringing electronics.
We don't need no stinking name tags (Bages).
Everyone is encouraged to go through their toy collection and consider donating Audio/Computer/Music/Video items for the Not So Silent Auction. Proceeds from the NSSA go to pay for the room. The more the auction generates it means that there will be less need for Donations. Please remember to bring cash for bidding on cool items. I seriously lament that last time I didn't have enough cash to win the Grado RS1's, so try not to emulate me. Bring lots a cash As an aside if...
$100 in tolls ??? Must be a parallel universe, $30 - $40 maybe. edit: Actually about $43 in tolls from center city Philadelphia.
There are justifiable reasons why Kids insurance rates are so high. 1) They are young, therefore inexperienced. (Comparitively) 2) They are young and generally have yet to grasp their own mortality. 3) Hormones! I object to the term Ricer, because I've been proudly riding Rice Rockets since the 70's. There's nothing wrong with riding or driving a modified machine, it's being a punk ass that I object to. Unfortunately when I see someone driving a hot rodded CIvic, or...
FYI- As an owner of the pictured record cleaner I can testify to how good it is, and unfortunately that it does not "Solve" the tick & pop issue, help sure, but not solve. I'll tell you what did, CD's
You never know when your past will come back and haunt you (I'm a little thinner now, and no longer have anything to do with Siltech, except for being a fan) HE-6 count as high-end. I've also fallen down on my duties as the thread police, there have been some recent posts that included equipment that hardly qualified as high performance when originally made, and that was over a decade ago. What's high end is ultimately subjective. Grey market Siltech? Stealing money...
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