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Just booked a room, so I am up for dinner. Looking forward to not having to drive home afterwards.   Toying with the idea of walking 12 minutes away to watch the 10pm UFC pay per view.
As in the past, if you have a piece of equipment that you no longer want/need and you think others might want it items can be donated to the Room (Auctioned off).   The Not So Silent Auction is NOT for private sales, just for items where the proceeds go to pay for the room.   It does appear that vendors are donating some very desirable items. Remember the auction is to raise funds for the room. The Not So Silent Auction is for CASH, so bring some.    Yikes Ethan
Been a while.   I have to check my work schedule, but if not working I should be able to make it.   Not sure if I'll have the energy to bring a complete system, but since the Abyss came with a handy Man Bag carrying case I should be able to bring them.   Yikes Ethan
Think that I'll be able to make it.   Not sure what equipment I'll bring.   I suppose at a minimum I'll bring my Abyss headphones.    It'll be good to catch up.   E   Yikes
For sale is my pristine Blue VPI Traveler. With the better sounding Sapphire Tonearm bearings. This is a great table, silly good for the money. I have been using it with a Benz LO.4. very nice combination. Once I got a Audio Desk Systeme ultra-Sonic vinyl cleaner I was in love, but I became obsessed with getting a reference turntable. As I write this ad I'm listening to Holly Cole, and find myself thinking "and why am I spending 7 X as much on my new table" I clearly...
I got back from the Philippines on Saturday, but I have been sick as a dog since Thursday. I highly recommend not flying from Manila to Philadelphia with a 102 degree fever, surviving on Imodium. My ears are blown out, can't hear anything.   Combine the above with the fact that unbeknown to me someone scheduled me to work the Saturday after I get back from work. It's unlikely that I will be able to hear by Saturday, anyway.... I am going to be unable to attend.   Have...
A bump and notice that I will be all but unreachable for a little while.   I will be at RMAF, and then I am going to the Philippines for a few weeks.   I'll be back in early November, at which time I will check back in.   Have fun!   Ethan
Actually mailing (not overnight express) a money order or a check would be the least expensive method. international Paypal has high fees. It's just slow, because I would hold the headphone until the check clears. then I would ship. You just have to trust that I would do as I say. Since many members have met me, know where I work, etc. As an example, google my name Ethan Wood and Siltech and you'll find things like...
I am sorry, but I can not ship abroad for a relatively new member with no feedback. PayPal always sides with the buyer. I ship abroad, buyer claims ? Broken etc. and I am out the money, out the headphones with no recourse. Unless you want to mail a international money order, then I ship after the check clears. This way all the risk is on the buyer, but I am the one who has been here for a decade, and if you read you can even find out easily where I work. I am a open...
I should be able to make it. Not sure if I will be there in an official capacity, or just as the head-Fier that I am.   I should have my new personal set of Abyss headphones by then, so will probably bring them.   I can do the Auction if people want to put up with my doing so :)   From RMAF until November 4th I'll be traveling, but I should be able to make the meet.     Ethan 
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