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Just got an email from Monster that the Turbines are on sale for $69.95
Still looking and thought that I would add that I have a Lyr that I'm considering selling. If you are wanting to upgrade your Vali to a Lyr we may be able to workout a trade and cash.
Please let me know condition and your price shipped to Ohio.
What you are describing is similar to what the car companies do.  They run a instant rebate program (cashback) to reduce excess inventory.  Dealers honor this and that becomes the new price for a limited amount of time.  All this does is kill the resale value of their car.  Perhaps Hifiman is hoping to do the same thing?  I'll pass.
There are at least 6 websites listing the retail price at $300.  Amazon is Hifiman direct not a reseller.
The IE60 is in stock at NCIX for $139.99 but the IE80 appears to be gone.   Is there anything else that I should look at besides the IE60 in the $100-$150 price range? I already own a few pairs of <$100 IEMs and am looking for an upgrade.  I tried TF10s in the past but the fit wasn't for me.
Who knows.  The mods here keep closing them due to complaints.  Does anyone know of an alternate website where this sort of talk should take place?  
$299 for the HE400 is not a sale price that is the new price on every website.  Guess Razordog is out then.  Is anyone running a discount on hifiman?
I cannot seem to get the Razordog50 code to work on the HE400.  Should be $299-50 but the cart rejects the coupon code.
I sent a PM yesterday around noon. I still want them if available.
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