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You can download a free trial of Amarra to hear it for yourself.  I find it colors the sound in a pleasant but not accurate way.  I have also used JRMC and Audirvana.  JRMC has the best interface and remote app (for Ipad) but I find Audirvana is the most accurate of the 3.
For those of you on the fence on that SVS sub, Hsu has two Black Friday offers: VTF-2 for $509 and VTF 3 for $759
I meant that one is a 12" driver rated 3db down at 20hz and the other an 8" driver with a passive radiator which is 10db down at 30hz. The REL I own is a woofer, a really good one but it doesn't play the same frequencies as a true subwoofer.
That SVS is the same price on Amazon for those that would prefer to order there.  Going by the reviews this is an older sub (2013) that they are trying to unload.  I won't jump into the SVS vs REL camp as I believe they serve different purposes.  I will say though that there is no reason why a 400w 12" sealed sub cannot play a larger area than a desktop setup.
Selling these here for exactly what I paid for them.  I believe I am the third owner (I purchased them in May).  They are clean and sound amazing.  The wife and I are buying a house so these gotta go towards expenses.  They will be shipped via UPS or USPS Priority Mail with signature confirmation so that I have proof of delivery.  Paypal via gift or add 4% to the cost.  Please note the serial number is 14xxx and has been poorly blurred out in all the pics.  I have more...
The K7xx is back on Massdrop again.  Can't say enough good things about this headphone.  I prefer it to the HD800 ymmv.
You can add me to this list.  I like the HD800 but only on perfect source material, for most of my redbook recordings the 701 just gets it right and the extra 5% that the HD800 reveals is just not worth the cost.  To be honest if the HD800 and the 701 were the same cost I"m not sure which I'd choose but with the HD800 at 5x the cost it's a no-brainer.
I still don't understand the trend to refer to them as "vinyls".  Do these same folks call CDs polycarbonate laquers?
There are several HD600 on AWD this morning for 221.99 in Very Good condition and one for $208.54 in Good.  
New Posts  All Forums: