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Just wanted to say thanks to whomever posted the KEF IEM deal. Out of all the IEMs I've owned they are my favorite except for maybe the AN16 which have a different signature.
Those of you who are into vinyl, audio advisor has the record doctor bundle pack on sale for $199 which makes the extra strips and cleaning fluid free. Now I can finally say I bought something this weekend:). I must want all the wrong things this year because there are no deals on them.
I've seen a lot of talk about the Senn 6 series. Is there anything going on with the 800/800S?
Saw this over on AK: If anyone is looking for a good budget phono cartridge the Audio Technica AT100e has recently dropped to $49.99 on Amazon and a few other sites.
Just bought a Mojo for my full size phones and would now like to get a nice set of IEMs.  For reference my full size phones are HD650 & K7xx and my music of choice is Adult Contemporary & Classic Rock.  I'd like to spend around $200 but am willing to spend more if necessary.  Lots of people recommend the Angie but that is way out of my price range.
Best Buy 2 day sale includes the Vmoda M80 in Silver for $79.98
My RE00 arrived yesterday and I gave them a good listen for about an hour.  I would say they are pleasant to listen to but hardly worth the wait.  For $35 I didn't expect much but with so many glowing reviews on the lineage, I thought they may something special, they are not.   Cons:  Really hard to physically tell left unit from right, bass is light, weak display of channel separation.   Pros:  Laid back and smooth with good overall sound.     I especially liked them...
Review added to the impressions thread
You can download a free trial of Amarra to hear it for yourself.  I find it colors the sound in a pleasant but not accurate way.  I have also used JRMC and Audirvana.  JRMC has the best interface and remote app (for Ipad) but I find Audirvana is the most accurate of the 3.
For those of you on the fence on that SVS sub, Hsu has two Black Friday offers: VTF-2 for $509 and VTF 3 for $759
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