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I can't get it to work on any of them.  Last week's rebate deal only applied to the black so your question is quite valid.  I'm on the lookout for a set in white myself.
Looking for a sealed can for the wife to listen to some online training videos while drowning out the background noise around her.  Isolation is her main priority instead of audio considering the content.  Yes I know IEMs would be a better choice but she loathes them.  I've looked at some other Philips, JVC & Koss and the Senns seem to get the nod I just don't want to leave anything out.
This may be a YMMV thing but with the announcement of the Radio Shack bankruptcy my local stores are running huge sales of up to 50% off today.  Depending on your local store's inventory there are some deals for sure.
Yes stock pads.  I've still never gotten around to researching the replacements others talk about.
What kind of music were you listening to?  What amp? I've never heard the things you described that's why I'm curious.  I use a Schiit Lyr at home and a AQ Dragonfly when traveling.  The DT-990 sounds like a car audio system to me, albeit a good one but I hear exaggerated bass and treble.  It's really fun with rock/rap but really bad at everything else imho.  The HE-400 sound like Maggies with a small subwoofer, you don't really care if it's right or wrong you just enjoy...
I've owned both and the HE-400 is my definitive answer especially based on your preferences.
Ebay is running 5x ebay bucks today. I just received $15 on a $150 purchase.
Thanks for the tip.  I'll check into them. 
If it's repackaged clearance then it's likely a store specific return. 
Yes there are better phones but for the money and the fun I quite enjoy my PortaPros.  I'm looking for something with a similar sound but with isolation for an airplane.  I realize that I probably won't find them for $25 but I'd like to stay under $100 if possible.  I've owned two decent pairs of IEMs in the past and neither quite did it for me.  The triple-fi were awesome but were too large for my ear canals and the Ety MC5 seem to have no bass.  I've heard others...
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