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I often get requests for custom woods, and I can't take requests/have wood sent in as the wood we use has to meet tight specifications as to dryness, seasoning and size requirements.  BUT, when I have a chance to use a different wood than the normal African Blackwood and Cherry used in the "Blackwood" and "Vibro" models I am going to offer limited edition sets in that wood.  I am pleased to announce the first "Limited" sets that I have produced, the ZMF Blackwood LTD...
 I guess the answer is "like-ish," (I know not a word) as I tune to the same frequency response chart for the blackwood tuned "vibro" sets, but the timbre is not the same.   The Blackwood sets are faster, less relaxed, more sub-bass tilt, and image better with a slightly larger soundstage and no harshness.  Vibro's have a little more mid-bass, lusher mids, and a smoother more engaging sound.  The "Blackwood tuned Vibro/cherry sets sit closer to the Blackwood than the vibro...
Yep.  I'm into gear!  Hopefully I get something else done tonight. 
  Geez.  Now I have to read 275 pages of this thread. Seriously though it was great to meet you.  Audio shows/meets are great because I get to meet people like you.  Awesome! I may have mentioned this in person, but I split ZMF Headphones with my wife 51%/49% when I made it into an LLC.  I own the 51...but I think we know who the real boss is.  Okay now to read the thread, I'll post some pics from the ZMF HQ soon.
Wanted to update that most Master Model and Classic orders are shipping tomorrow unless they were received less than 10 days ago.  All of these Classic and Master Models will be getting the ZMF Lambskin pads on them. 
The best description I've heard regarding cables is that it's like "frosting."  In that it's not going to actually make the cake (headphones) better, but it could go really well with it...if that makes sense.  This has been my experience as well.  The cable IMHO doesn't actually change the frequency response, and I've heard people tell me it makes a huge positive difference and also state that they like the sound of the Canare cable better.  So it's worth finding what...
Casper that's DOPE.   Now I want my HD700's back to paint them.   Did you do the Anax mod or anything else?
I personally don't feel like it lacks detail when listening to SP dac, but then when I switch to a Theta the placement and details are pushed forward more.  Soundstage is wider in my theta's but the SP dac and that 1543 chip seem somewhat more liquid and as JoeDoe stated more "tube" like.  I did love the SP dac with my Mjolnir bc it balanced out the slightly lean aggressive nature of the Mjolnir.
SUB'd.... J/k - was already subbed. Well I CAN post...hahahhaha lololol Looks dope BTW - how'd you do the marble?  Plastic wrap over wet paint?
Good purchase, I have a Basic III and it's great, and the PCM 67 chip in the Basic II may be slightly better than the 1702 which is in the III.
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