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 There's a peak around 8-10K inherent in the t50 driver, the Blackwood and Omni mods to the driver lessen that peak and increase sub-bass, but if interested I can send you some frontal dampening material to add over the driver to lessen that peak. (just email me!) If it's in a lower region, as with any ZMF, I'm happy to retune for the cost of shipping once per headphone to users tastes.
  I use USPS by default, but I can use Fed-Ex if preferred for domestic or DHL if preferred for international (it's a few bucks extra.)  If you'd prefer fed-ex drop me a line, ground is no extra cost.  Either package would be dropped off tomorrow, just fed-ex won't actually pick them up until monday.
 3/5/6 are shipping tomorrow.  1-15 will be shipped by the end of next week.  So you'll probably have them in your hand monday.  They are sitting completed right in front of me, I just need to finish the cable. Jim's are Blackwood BTW - so @grizzlybeast you'll have some company. 
 I can tune once post headphone receival for no cost but shipping.  My advice is usually to get the headphones, check out the stock tuning and then we can adjust from there.  There's just too many combinations of sound with earpads, woods, audio chain/amp/dac's to know why people hear what they hear (and how to equate it to your system), so always best to test your own set-up, then let me know what you need and I'll make it happen. It's actually pretty rare I need to make...
 Hahahaha I actually read it semi-often.  Just more of a lurker.  I am subbbed!!!!!!!!!  I should have taken sexier pics of those phones for yah too.
 I got that set back today, and unfortunately the right driver is messed up and causing huge amounts of distortion and they just sound wonky and unmatched because of it.  Sorry about that, kinda rushed that set out for the meet without burning in enough as they sounded/measured fine when sent, but obviously got wonky at some point. That being said the protein pads are dryer, as they use different foam than the Lambskin and Cowhide sets purposely for a db or two less bass...
 There's a number of Omni's going out this week, with 2-3 sets going out each day starting tomorrow through friday. If your slated to have your set ship this week and don't get it in time for CanJam you can stop by the JDS Labs booth as they will have a Cherry and Blackwood Omni on hand.
I recommend 100+ hours of burn in before the sound really evens out for good. There is an article I wrote about it on my blog. I do find that everything just sounds "easier" on a well broken in and used ZMF.
 I typically can finish about 5-6 headphones a week or like 1 per day.  I have been generally working 6-7 day weeks to get as many of these out as fast as possible, but certainly taking pre-orders before the headphone was 100% finalized has created more of a backlog.  I hope to have all order's currently in the queue (as shown on the order sheet) shipped by the end of October as a month's worth of headphones is about 25 sets for me.  My main focus right now is getting the...
 I have a bunch of sets that are nearly ready to go, I sent out a number of Blackwood and Omni's late last week, and early this week.  It's always hard to gauge what % of owners are head-fi'ers as well.   Right now, I am out of stock on Lambskin pads, so if you chose Lambskin pads on your set, I am with-holding your set from shipping as the Lambskin pads will be in next week.  The actual shipping delay will only be about 3-5 days, because the sets I have now all need final...
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