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Just got my X5 in - so far loving it with my RSA Intruder, anyone else using Ray Samuels stuff via the line out?  IMHO the line out on this is way better than on the x3, I don't have the x3 to compare, am I dreaming or is there really that much of a difference?
Enh, it's a mish-mash.  I try to bring SACD/FLAC/DSD/WAV stuff because people like it, and it sounds good.  One guy got pissed at me once for having some 320 MP3's on an IPOD I had running hahaha!  It seems mostly it's laptops with a music browser up and then sometimes people will plug their own stuff into the laptop with permission.  That being said I will have a FIIO X5 and an IPOD along with my laptop and NFB-28 as sources.  But yeah - it can be easier if you bring...
Haha, don't blame you, but there's nothing like New England...!
I grew up in Lyme, which is one town north of Hanover where Dartmouth College is.  Sheltered and romantic, great place to be!  Lots of chillers in NH, and VT and ME IMHO.  Can't go wrong!
No worries, it'll be worth it moving back to NH.  I miss the state every day!  This will be a great occasion to visit my parents and get some headphone time in. I'm bringing my NFB-28, I also have the 10.33 but it won't make the trip.  Will also have: RSA Intruder with Fiio X5 and line-out and maybe a Centrance M8 and IPOD Classic.  Probably not gonna bring my he-500, of-course maybe I won't pack clothes and will bring it instead.
Will you have your he-560? 
^^^^^^^^^ THAT IS BEYOND COOL! ^^^^^^^^^^^   Great job that looks like a lot of hard work and love!  What kind of burl wood is that?   I love how the baffle is in the shape of an ear too, very neat =)
Is that the 23.5 litz hook-up wire?  I never have never tried making a cable out of it because I feared it would be microphonic, but maybe it doesn't matter at a desk?  How are you liking it so far?
USPS/Chicago - email me for more info or specifics.
I haven't tried many custom cables, the only one I have is a Double Helix Molecule Extreme, and I really love it.  Peter was great to deal with as well.  Well worth the price IMHO.  Have heard good things about Norne,Toxic, Forza as well.  Probably can't go wrong, I know some people have preferred pairings within the cable market for different headphones.  I think there's a thread for each.
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