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These prototype sets have some discrepancies from what the production units will have. 1.  The headband leather has the ends hand cut, it will be die cut for the final versions, we were trying out a few different types so they may not all look the same.2.  The aluminum gimbal and uprights for the Atticus will be black and dark charcoal/silver for the Eikon in the production model.3.  The production A/E will have an A or E stamped on the leather to distinguish the model as...
 I kind of self-ban myself from comparing against other manufacturers - what I can say is that I think they have great dynamics, the slight bass boost is enough to make for a dynamic experience but it's not to much that it gets in the way IMHO.  I've been working the last few days in getting this *just right* in the Atticus.
 They both can be Eq'd ofcourse.      Both headphone are different versions of the musical and detailed sound that I am after in all the headphones we make.   Both those amps will play them great, I don't own either but I love the Magni for the Omni, I have no doubt it'll sound good with these. @moedawg140 used his Questyle to listen to the Eikon at RMAF, I think he liked the match quite a bit!  He will be getting these to review as well.
 I'll be at the Detroit southeast Michigan meet next week!
 Oh - sorry, I was just saying now that I'm making dynamic 300 ohm headphones it makes me want a Valhalla 2, I actually have never heard one, but the Eikon and Atticus (especially) really like OTL tube amps. 
 Padauk = Red, Cherry = Golden. Sonic diff between wood are same, we will be updating the site before the pre-order with a "wood," page. Connector plugs are the same and yes, the Eikon was tuned using padauk and Atticus with Cherry, but we found they sound equally great using each wood.
 I checked just now, your's is fine, the amount of info you entered got the street # in which is all we need.
  Good call!  So this is my personal Cherry Omni that was made right at the beginning of production of the Omni somewhere in the middle of 2015?  I was shocked when I pulled this out for the photo, but this thing has darkened a lot.  It's almost a pumpkin yellow color, kinda cool! The Atticus in the pic is a prototype made about a month ago. 
Hahah I think I got to 9am.
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