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You could check with a multi meter on the 1 and 3 pins of both mini XLR connectors. I can just send you a new cable though no probs, email me and I'll get it out.
 Oh, speaking of video's, I forgot to share this here.  Here a "lo-fi" video of me explaining how to bend the headband on your Eikon and Atticus.    
Can't go wrong there, fortunately I was next to Justin and ampandsound at CanJam, their amps are great, so is the decware stuff. Really can't lose!
Yeah Wells Milo plus planar headphones = woah!
 You definitely need at least one tube, and one solid state amp to compare...maybe more.  
Sorry for the wait guys!  All the Ori's/Vibro's in the final tune and ship stages are going out early next week.  =)
 Oops I missed this post.  We are basically smoothing the treble and taking out the peaks, they are mostly closed so they will not have the "air" that an open headphone does, but I wouldn't call them muted or anything like that. There is a head fi meet in June on Long Island I believe, I'll have one there with me.
Hey guys, sorry for the delay on this, I just wanted to get our newest rig build with better mics so I could get the most realistic measurements possible to you for the comparison.  The green line is the ZMF Classic, the yellow/orange line is the stock t50.  The classic has part of the driver enclosure mod that the Ori and Blackwood get.  A lot of the ideas for the mod came from all those other headphones, especially the damping scheme.  It has it's roots int he original...
 Those are awesome pics!!! Also - based on your comments I do wonder if you'd like protein or lambskin pads more as they are brighter/clearer.  I use Cowhide as the default on the Blackwoods because but the protein is great and gives more treble response, it would be my second choice. 
Check out #12!!!!!   So weird to be on a list like that, but very cool!
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