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Just a note - to confirm that these will indeed ship out from my location, tested and checked over by me. 
I went back and listened to the Aria a bunch today because of many of the above comments stating that there's a dip in the frequency response in the mids somewhere.  I was a tester for Luke on the Aria, so I've listened to it a ton, and in different iterations so there's gonna be some bias here, but I don't hear any sort of dip, nor have I measured any sort of dip on my veritas measurement system from Vibro Labs. I do want to state that as a tester I was never paid for my...
 Happy to check over your set if needed!  contactzmf@gmail.com
I'll be there and can bring some snacks and drinks as well.
 Sorry to butt in - I have tried all combo's etc and feel as if the largest improvement you can do for the thxx in both sound and comfort is utilize the Omni pads on them.  They work great on my thxx mahogany.  The pilot pads are great too, but the larger improvement in comfort for me came from the the actual earpad change on the thxx.
 Yeah Cherry has a glow to it in person, it's a cool wood.  Not the fanciest grain but really special.
I was about to email this to you @markus94103 but I'll just post it here as well - was going through some pics from last week and spent a little time touching up this photo in lightroom.  
I've gotten a bunch of emails regarding the Omni pads and how they fit on the THxx, they fit perfectly and have no issue attaching to the rings and then to the cups.    Soundwise I hadn't had a chance to try them until today, and I'm really happy with the result.  Overall the frequency response is unaffected, with maybe a little more top top sparkle on the Omni pads and more left/right stage size, but aside from that very close.  I'm happy that they didn't change the...
 Yes!  Will email you the same picture now actually. Yeah I'm not sure!?  We got a couple messages but everything seems to be working fine now.
An Omni - sent out today to it's new owner.  Padauk certainly sounds as glorious as it looks.   Also - you can't see them very well in this picture, but Omni pads are in, all pad orders were fulfilled today and all Omni shipments will have Omni pads on them by default.  
New Posts  All Forums: