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 I'll reply to your email/pm.  Thank you!
I got your order and emailed you, sorry for any confusion!ZMF Omni orders take a number of weeks to produce and ship, when they do you will be sent tracking via DHL. Sorry if this wasn't clear on the website.The estimated completion time is listed on the order page.
The ZOTL and YGGY are fantastic together.  The ZOTL is in the perfect sweet spot of warm/neutral to match with the Yggy for just enough musicality and tons of air and detail, you won't be disappointed.  Yggy is a very neutral and detail machine so if that's what you're after it;s a good way to go.  The other end is the Metrum Musette which Urban HiFi sells and for a musical yet still precise dac I don't think it can be beat for the price as well. Also worth looking at even...
 Looking forward to meeting you! And to answer the second part - yes - it will be an auction instead of a raffle.  The items up for auction will be put at a table and then at 2PM they will be auctioned off starting at very low amounts in order to support the meet costs and future meet costs. Zach
"The ZMF," the amplifier, will be in its close to final state for the meet with proper gain stage and tube compliment.  Excited to show you guys the great sounding but kinda ugly aesthetically prototype.     Would love any and all feedback as well as we head into the last stage of being able to make changes before release.    
Just two quick notes, both of which have been also posted in the first post.   1.  Please bring cash if possible to make the $10 entrance fee payment.  I can take paypal as well.  Once paid you will get a name-tag.   2.  Instead of a raffle we will do an "auction" for the donated items. The price for each item will start low, and be bid on verbally.  The auction will take place at 2PM.  BE THERE!   Payment for the auction will be taken in either cash or paypal.  All...
Updated the first post with Rules/Considerations for the meet, just some stuff to think about.    Also I'll be donating a Merlot-Burst ZMF x Vibro MK II to the raffle/auction.
Just a heads up guys, unfortunately I won't be able to make it, some last minute family baloney (well not really) came up and I have to stick around this weekend.
 I really like the Audio GD stuff, I have had NFB 10.32, 28 and now Master 11 which never leaves my desk, as it's what I tune and measure headphones on.
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