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Mjolnir 2 is a fantastic choice!
 I've heard good things about the Icon Audio HP8 MK2 although I haven't heard one.  May be worth checking out?  That Impedance switch is cool too.
  We are coming out with an amp tuned specifically for the Omni's (and other orthos) and high impedance dynamics like the HD800 within the next month or so. Look out for it!  You might even be able to match the panel and knob up with your Omni's depending on the wood your Omni's are made of.  
If I didn't already have a Custom Aria I'd be all over this tour ahahah!  Still working on a ZMF Omni for Vibro Aria Universal trade with Luke - I'm gonna annoy him about it until it is MINE!   I am highly biased as Luke is a friend and business associate, and I was a beta tester for the Aria, but I LOVE how they turned out with both sound and aesthetic.  It's a beautiful rendition of the downslope frequency response pattern that for most listeners has everything and...
 Good call! I am final tuning a bunch of Cocobolo Omni's in the AM, prob one is yours as I have them all lined up in a row.  Sorry to everyone for the delay, our new shop is great though and we are moving faster than we ever have, so many headphones will ship soon!
 Y'all should check out @Hisoundfi's review's of the Vibro, Omni and more.  Some of the best most entertaining reviews I've ever read and should have good comparisons in them.  There's a reason the man is a modern day headphone review legend! I'm sure @Hisoundfi can elaborate on here as well   
There are a couple used Blackwood sets available on our website for about 25% off:   http://www.zmfheadphones.com/order-the-zmf/zmf-walnut-and-b-stock-sale
 Hahah yeah that's what we're going for.  Full specs to come soon.  It was tough finding the exact tube compliment needed to get the gain and tone needed, I think we nailed it. Someone tested the HE-6 at a headphone meet and said it seemed to drive them fine, I didn't listen and that was before we turned the gain up to where I felt it needed to be (I like REALLY loud to be around noon). What I'm doing is making the "standard" Omni be with Cherry wood.  Walnut and Cherry...
 This is the first time I have ever listed a non B-stock model below list price for the Omni, reason being is just that I am not going to be carrying walnut for the foreseeable future.  So you can think of it as a "Last chance to get Walnut sale" as well.  Since I started releasing new woods Walnut has taken a back seat, and I have a bunch that has those very slight errors around the ports due to CNC routing using the wrong bit for the slots.  I have sold a few of these...
  Hope you guys are enjoying the Classics! I just finished setting upt he new space and have been training a new hire.  We finished some ZMF Classics as the first headphones completed in the new workshop.  Here's some snaps with the new black backdrop we got set up.  Really happy with the MK III based ZMF Classics, they are the best value int he ZMF line-up IMHO. I have gotten some questions regarding pad choice, my personal preference is Lambskin with Protein being a...
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