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I'd probably try to attend this if I can swing it, have some friends in Portland that I could stay with and owe a visit to.  Plus I love it out there! 
+1 on the last two posts.   The headphone world has changed so much since head-fi started.  And a TON since I joined in 2008.  It's hard to even compare the past to the present as the economical environment of the headphone world is always changing.  I for one am glad Jude and crew are in charge, having met him at our local meet a few weeks ago it's easy to tell he started this site because he loves headphones and audio, and that passion has not died with head-fi's...
I believe I heard it from the ef2a...I was surprised how good it sounded out of that amp.  I didn't grab it and go around the room with it at ChiUniFi...unfortunately!
 I'm sure pianoman has some more detailed thoughts, but personally listening to them back to back I wouldn't necessarily say one is "better" than the other, although for technicalities, the 560 wins, but for enjoyment and musicality the 400i for me had the edge.
 That's a really good point, as the people I know who have or have had the he-6 spent a lot of time and money finding the right amp/source for them.  With the 560 that won't be as much of a problem and may cost far less $ and effort in the long haul.  Doesn't mean properly amplified the HE-6 isn't better, as I did prefer the HE-6 I've heard to the 560 as it had a touch more refinement, but the 560 was really really close for me, and I would surely buy one (560) at this...
Yep!  Was a great meet and there were a lot of exciting things to hear but the new Hifiman's were both fantastic.  If I were going to buy one (at some point I will) right now I'm not sure which of the new models I'd get.  They both have fantastic signatures.
 Yeah, the 400i may have overall better "balance" in that the mids are a little further back than the He-500, but that Mid "magic" isn't as much there in the 400i, not particularly a bad thing though and I like that, as it makes me want to keep my he-500 and get one of the new models at some point instead of thinking I need to trade off to get the 400i.  I like the sound of all the Hifiman phones, and find the biggest improvement to be in the comfort of the new headphones.
I have noticed a little bit of break in after running it for approx 50 hours.  A little smoother and less sharp in the treble and more coherent throughout.  I'd expect it to settle in completely around 100-200 hours.   EDIT:  I'm using mine with the Audio GD NFB-28 as the DAC instead of the Bifrost and it's a VERY good combination.  The Sabre Dac cleaned up the original LYR nicely but now the combination strikes almost completely neutral, maybe just a touch on the side...
Yes.  Mine gets sweltering hot too,hotter than the Original LYR.  I'm fairly sure it's normal and no damage will be caused.
I actually haven't tried anything too much besides the Mullard's as I did some rolling when I first got my LYR 1 and then found the Mullard's and have been happy ever since.  I did try some other more inexpensive stuff but haven't had the urge to try much else.
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