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This is just what I've heard BTW from what numerous sources have told me including my distributor. I of course could get them in hand and be wrong lol.
 I'm pretty sure I'll be coming to this!  Looking forward to it!
There are custom smiley's? 
 Anyone who is interested in stopping by my place saturday afternoon please PM me the best time that works for you.  This will help me guage the level of interest, and if a few people want to come I'll start a thread.  I can probably only host 5-8 people though as the ZMF factory is a medium size apartment lol.
 The changes weren't so much to the tuning as they were to smoothing out the tuning.  There were a couple really small areas between the bass and mids and mids to treble that needed some minute work.  So if you heard a previous version, what the production version is just a way way better version of that.  The largest change you'll probably hear is a very smooth transition from bass to mids so that that area sounds very natural now.  It was missing a couple DB...
 Okay I just unlocked the door and nobody cam running in!?  I thought we were doing this today! Seriously if you guys want to come hang out, let's do it.   Master 11 is pretty dope, I like it more than the Ref 10 I had.  In all seriousness I'd be happy to host some peeps on saturday if anyone wants to hear Master 11.
 I do feel bad for @Ishcabible, @PacoTaco and @Stillhart as I'm having them send their pre-pro headphones back for the last revision (I am paying for shipping so I will have good Karma).  I do feel confident though in where they are at, it just feels/sounds right to me and I think it will to you guys too!  Even my wife could hear the difference!!!!!!   
 I don't know if one has smoother treble to my ear as none of them seem unrefined or sibilant.   I would say the more focused sound of the Blackwood seems to image slightly more aggressively whereas the Cherry has more of an atmospheric feel because of the very slight decay. I really don't think about any of the above unless I'm comparing BTW, like I've been listening to a Cherry set mostly lately and don't miss the imaging of the Blackwood set, if that makes sense. Walnut...
Hey ZMF owners, I've added the Omni to our Upgrade Page, so now you can get your Classic or Master Model V1 or V2 upgraded to an Omni if you'd like.  I know many of you on this thread have supported me since the very beginning, so thank you!
I have added the Omni to the ZMF Upgrade page, so now you can upgrade from your Classic/Master or Vibro and Blackwood to the Omni.   Some of you who have ordered have probably gotten an email from me int he past couple days.  The Omni really has been the headphone of 100 tunings during pre-production.  I'm happy to report that I'm truly done, and will have nearly 20 Omni's assembled and burning in by the end of the week and shipping shortly there-after.    Some of...
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