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   It just means that if you ordered today - they would ship sometime in March, I won't have an exact date until we figure out our exact production velocity.   Pre-orders start shipping in a couple weeks!  More info soon.
I'm in, will bring headphones and stuff.
I will get a pic of my beagle doggy up at some point but for now just cups.
 Yes it should be noted, most orders past the first 75 may be delivered in March, we are aiming to deliver all of them in February but I want to give our team the time needed to make them perfect!
 Sorry off topic.....is that Prince of Persia?   At least that's what it reminds me of, playing that game as a lad.
 Now you are! 
I extended it until the end of the 16th. 
 Own both - love both.  Can't go wrong!  Decware CSP is dope too.
Yes they would ship earlier. For those that ordered both I will figure out logistically how to make it work with shipping should this happen, I will send out an email to all purchasers should this happen, it's still a hypothetical but I will let everyone know all the details as I have them.
We don't anodize in house, hopefully some day!  But right now:   1.  all the wood has been CNC'd and is done.   2. the aluminum parts just need anodizing. (in process)   3. We have all the Atticus drivers.   4.  Eikon drivers are still in the process of being completed.   5.  All leather, branding, owners cards are in.   6.  Cases are in.   Note to self:  Write owners manual.     What does this mean!????   We are going into full production of the Atticus...
New Posts  All Forums: