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Asus are definitely throwing in every feature anyone could possibly think to ask for with this one, like DSD. It'd be a miracle if DSD became popular. I'd be shocked if the number of people who care about DSD are in the 4 digits. But since it's a feature several audiophile dacs have it's there, just like the balanced outputs both front and back. It's going to be everything for everyone, and if the price is right it has the potential to be a no-brainer for anyone interested...
I guess it's a case of the music you used working better with the M500. I've had both for a while now and there's some albums which definitely work best with the M500, but overall I've found myself enjoying the P7 more. Depends entirely on the music.
This sounds strange to me. I've used mine with an iPhone 4S, HDVD 800, Xonar Essence One headphone out and more recently a O2 amp. What I listen to most of the time isn't particularly well mixed music, so Beyerdynamic headphones like the DT 880, 990 and T1 are unusable for me because of their piercing treble in the sibilant frequencies. I haven't heard anything like that with my P7, so now I'm curious if they might be a bad mix with the source/amp you were using, or if...
I'm using them as they were out of box without bending the headband, and maybe I'm just used to headphones with high clamping pressure but they're just fine for me. The pressure seems well distributed. Not like the LCD-2 for example where they seem to add more force to the front of the pads than the rear.
I used the Momentums during a 8 hour flight. Couldn't take them more than a couple hours at a time. Because they touch my ears slightly they gradually became more and more irritated. The P7 don't touch my ears at all, so I think they'd do much better. The headband padding is a bit thin, but it hasn't been a problem for me during longer sessions so far.
The Cambridge 840A uses stepped attenuators. It has a display that shows the volume change in 1db steps like a surround receiver, except you hear clicks with each step from the knob.
I guess it'll have a motor which physically turns the knob when you press up and down on the remote. That's how stereo amps with stepped attenuators do it at least.
On paper it looks like a pretty comprehensive and ultimate solution. Balanced outputs, stepped attenuators, remote control, DSD. Everything including the kitchen sink. Now the question is, how much will it cost? Are they using Muses02 to cut costs, or because they sound better in this particular configuration compared to the Muses01?
From what I understand (feel free to correct me!) you will always have a point near the bottom of the volume scale on analogue "infinite resolution" knobs like this where there's a bit of imbalance. To alleviate this issue the gain on the amp should be done in such a way that the user won't have any reason to use the range where this would be noticeable. I assume Sennheiser tweaked the gain specifically for the HD 800 as you'd struggle to hear that point even in a dead...
Even calling it a "problem" in my case feels like an exaggeration. More like a fact of life for the majority of these types of volume controls. To demonstrate the extent of volume imbalance I have, here's a couple images. First is where I hear imbalance, second is how much I have to raise the volume for the channels to be completely balanced.
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