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It's held in high regard because it has earned it. Apart from the treble, which isn't as bad as many make it seem, the HD 800 makes sounds no other headphone near its price point can. I was hoping the K812 would destroy it since then it'd finally get some real competition. But that doesn't seem to be the case, so it'll remain competitively priced when stacked against the best everyone else has to come with.
The outputs are fixed volume, so unfortunately you won't be able to use the HDVD 800 as a preamp.
I used to have a Pioneer VSX-2021 and heard a clear upgrade when compared against a Hegel HD10 and Violectric V800. It was actually that receiver which made me abandon surround sound altogether, because music always lost all its energy when I used it, even in direct mode compared to the separate dacs. I'm completely happy now with a couple B&W CM8, two subwoofers, stereo amp and Muses Edition dac.
Surround receivers for the same price don't have dacs nearly as good as what you get in the Essence One. There's so many parts and license costs involved in surround receivers that you have to pay quite a bit before you get one with great dacs in it.
I don't know where you live, so I don't know which regional store would be relevant. I'm in the EU, so Custom Cable is one alternative there. As for the US I'm not too familiar with the sites that would stock it.
The official balanced cable is already out. I've had mine for a couple months now.
Making any judgements on which of K812 or LCD-X is the best seems premature at this point.
Yikes. Updating worked for me in Windows 7. I hope there's some way to fix it without having to send it in.
For years the K 701, DT 880 and HD 650 were priced almost exactly the same. Took a long time before the K 701 dropped in price. I'd expect the K812 to be similar.
The firmware update is now available for Windows.
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