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That's not a HD 800, it's the HD 700. The Essence III comes with converter cables, so that HD 700 might be using any after market balanced cable and then using the converter into mini-xlr for the last bit. Or they could have made their own mini-xlr cables over at Asus for testing which were used for that image. The price of S$3500 quoted on that page converts into just under $2800 USD. Let's hope it's just a case of that region getting shafted and not an indicator on what...
On the Asus website they imply it's stepped attenuators for both "Essence III includes a set of stepped attenuators that works for headphones and line outputs."
Since it's using stepped attenuators it shouldn't have any imbalance in the volume knobs at all.
The Akg K812 is now listed for sale on a Swedish store. Exact same price as the HD 800. It doesn't say if they actually have them in stock or if it's a pre-order. Either way it seems it's getting closer to release now.
As far as I know nobody makes USB cables without the power pin. Therefore it's unreasonable to expect them to make their own production run of cables without power pins just for the dacs in order to deal with a problem only a minority of users might experience.
If you're happy with how it sounds, that's perfectly fine!
I thought we already talked about using it with speakers on page 178.
I hope so! I'm looking forward to listening to them whenever they start showing up in stores.
It's held in high regard because it has earned it. Apart from the treble, which isn't as bad as many make it seem, the HD 800 makes sounds no other headphone near its price point can. I was hoping the K812 would destroy it since then it'd finally get some real competition. But that doesn't seem to be the case, so it'll remain competitively priced when stacked against the best everyone else has to come with.
The outputs are fixed volume, so unfortunately you won't be able to use the HDVD 800 as a preamp.
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