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More impressions. Note that my first impressions post was done using the HDVD 800 as amp for the HD 800, so the Essence III was just acting as DAC. I have now compared the headphone amp on the Essence III and HDVD 800.   To me it sounds like the Essence III is using the exact same amp as the Essence One. When I compared the amps on the Muses Edition and HDVD 800 a while back the most noticeable difference was how the soundstage seemed to shrink when I went to the Essence...
Over here it's ~$10 cheaper than the HDVD 800, so just under $2000.
Xonar Essence III First Impressions   I bought an Essence III. I’ve listened for a few hours over both speakers and headphones with it, and so far I’m impressed. Going directly from an Essence One Muses Edition to the Essence III there’s an immediate and obvious increase in quality across the board.   First off the build quality is on another level. Sure, the knobs are still plastic, but now they’re backlit by subtle white light. It looks better in real life than it...
I read the manual and that's what it sounds like! Stereo amps with analogue volume controls also do remote control this way.
I like Nomax! The enthusiasm explodes off the screen from his posts and makes me worried he's about to headbutt his monitor to discharge energy. In 812 news the one store selling it in Sweden has jacked up the price a couple hundred euros for no apparent reason. I hope it gets to more stores soon which will sell it for the proper price.
I liked the Auditor quite a bit, so I'm sorely tempted to get one of these. Because it's also a pre-amp it ticks enough feature boxes that I can start rationalizing getting one.
What equipment is this? I've never heard of a digital consumer format that was 32khz. 
The Essence III is now in stock at a store here in Sweden. Price is 15990 SEK including 25% sales tax, so the price is right in the €1600 ballpark as expected. I had a look around various stores here and none of the usual computer retailers that sell the Essence One are selling the Essence III. It's (so far) only at the hifi stores, so that definitely is another indicator of the intended market for the product.
If it is priced in the €1600 range like the E3 it'll be good to see multiple products out there which I assume will obsolete many of the current super high end dacs that cost way more. For some paying this amount of money for a dac seems nuts, based especially on some of the reactions to the E3 in the Essence One thread. But in a way the E3 and HA-1 are still providing good value for money, though you have to take a step back and look at the market they're aiming it at to...
The STU looks tiny in comparison to the E3. Looking forward to the reviews. I just know I'm going to break down and sell my Muses Edition and get an Essence III.
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