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I'm using it with a PC and PS3. With the PC I was using USB for a while, but now I'm using Coax via an Essence ST. I didn't notice any audible difference between USB and Coax, so I'm running it via the Essence ST for extra features like Dolby Headphone in games and movies. The PS3 is connected via Toslink.
I just wrote a review of the LCD-X here. Spoiler: I think they're fantastic.
The HDVD 800 and WA7 are quite different. One is a tube amp, the other solid state. One is also twice as expensive as the other. If you only use the LCD-2, then there's probably plenty of better alternatives than the HDVD 800. The HDVD 800 is best suited for the HD 800. It sounds just fine with the LCD-2 as well, but I still wouldn't get the HDVD 800 if you didn't have the HD 800.
A much more likely scenario is driving directly out of a laptop, which is what I imagine was the idea when they made it easy to drive.
For me they set the bar for what's possible with on-ear closed headphones. I've owned and heard a ton of headphones of that type, and none have managed to sound anything like the M500. On-ear closed headphones are capable of the crappiest sound out there. It seems to be very difficult to do that kind of design well, and Kef knocked it out of the park.
I looked up the manual for the 2Control in order to learn just how it works in comparison to the Crossfeed functions on the Phonitor. On the 2Control the Speaker Angle and Center Channel settings are fixed at 30 degrees (and whatever Center Channel level corresponds to work best with that), while the Crossfeed knob works the same as on the Phonitor. So it's a simplified version, but as they state several times in the 2Control manual, it's based on the work they did on...
I was an early adopter of the P7, so I have now had quite a lot of time to listen to them. I can’t relate at all to your comments about the treble. Sure, there’s some sparkle in the high frequencies, but it’s modest, and I haven’t heard a single song yet where it’s come across as sibilant or strident. In fact I think B&W has struck gold with the balance they achieved with the P7. It has a slight emphasis in the bass and treble which makes loudly mixed music sound better...
The biggest upgrade would come from the Essence III. Even though the amp in the Essence III doesn't quite bring out the full potential of the dac, the dac still makes enough of a difference that it sounds better than the Essence One Muses Edition + HDVD 800 amp combo with the HD 800. Since you already have a good dac I wouldn't recommend getting the HDVD 800. Get the HDVA 600 instead. It's the exact same amp as the HDVD 800, just without the dac. The reason I'd steer you...
More impressions. Note that my first impressions post was done using the HDVD 800 as amp for the HD 800, so the Essence III was just acting as DAC. I have now compared the headphone amp on the Essence III and HDVD 800.   To me it sounds like the Essence III is using the exact same amp as the Essence One. When I compared the amps on the Muses Edition and HDVD 800 a while back the most noticeable difference was how the soundstage seemed to shrink when I went to the Essence...
Over here it's ~$10 cheaper than the HDVD 800, so just under $2000.
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