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Still happy with mine! The only issues I've run into now after owning it for a long time is that USB audio stops working after a while. All youtube videos refuse to play, any music whether it's via WASAPI, ASIO or the standard output doesn't work. So I've been running via a Musical Fidelity V-Link 192 instead that converts USB into AES. I saw that Asus has a firmware upgrade for the Essence III that "improves stability", so I'm going to try that today and see if it fixes...
Same here, despite owning it for a while now I've never felt an inclination to change the opamps. The setup it comes with feels ideal.
I owned the V200 and SPL Auditor at the same time for about 2 years. Maybe I'll end up buying both the Phonitor 2 and V281. I like amps too much for my own good.
Ok, so I’ve listened to the Nad C 375BEE now a bit with both the 812 and HD 800. As expected the high output impedance boosted the bass compared to the O2 and Essence III that have lower output impedance. It wasn’t as bad as I expected though with the 812. The HD 800 also sounded pretty good, though the Nad has a problem with background hum. With both headphones in quiet parts I could hear humming in the background, and it was actually worse with the HD 800 than the 812....
I had a look at the specs and the headphone output impedance is 68 ohm, so it probably won't be ideal with the 812. But it might be really good with the HD 800! Now I'm looking forward to testing it out properly. I've never listened to it, even though I've had the Nad amp for years. In a couple hours I'll have the time to do the listening test, so I'll get some impressions up later today.
I have a Nad C 375BEE so I could actually try it out with the 812 and compare with the other headphone amps I've got.
The reason I’m not considering modding them is because the majority of the time the sound is perfectly fine. I almost feel like I’ve made too big of a deal about the treble in my posts, because most of the time I’m not hearing it at all. It’s not like with some headphones like the DT 990 where you hear sibilance quite often. With the 812 you can really listen for hours and never hear the issue at all.
If you ignore the treble issue the 812 feel as well designed as they should in almost every way. I mentioned the comfort, which I feel is more important with high end headphones like this than with portable headphones. When something sounds this good you want to listen to it all night, and it’s disappointing using planar magnetic headphones where you start feeling the need to take them off before you're done. I’ve owned the HD 800 for more than 4 years now, and the comfort...
I’ve had the AKG 812 now for a few days. My impressions so far are very positive, though I’m certainly also hearing the problems in the treble. The 812 do many things well, like the frequency balance, the spacious sound and the heavy bass impact. The HD 800 have a cold and sterile quality to their sound which the AKG 812 completely lacks. The 812 aren’t as dark as the Audeze headphones either, so it’s right in the middle between the two, and to my ears it’s the closest to...
I haven't had an opportunity to try the balanced outputs yet, so I don't know.
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