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I got some genuine Muses01 today and just like how I was surprised by how the fake ones ruined the sound, the real ones improve the sound to an extent I find pleasantly surprising. I haven't listened for very long, about 30 minutes with my speakers and then another 30 minutes with the HD 800 via the HDVD 800. The change is that the character of the sound is sharper and better defined, with both good and bad aspects of songs coming into clearer focus. Especially on certain...
Without knowing the genre of music the position of the knob is meaningless. There's a huge difference in volume if you're listening to some classical recording from 2L or something by Killswitch Engage for example.
Depends entirely on the music. Loudly mixed music is plenty loud at 9, some sounds great at 10, and a few albums and especially movies can  have enough dynamic range that 11-12 might be appropriate. The HD 800 are some of the most open headphones available, so it might appear from the outside that you're playing the headphones really loud compared to what headphones usually sound like to people around you.
I looked around at Sennheiser US & UK and couldn't find anything about new firmware. Would be good with a proper ETA on when it's coming.
When I owned both the V200 and SPL Auditor (had had them both at the same time for well over a year) I did several comparisons, some volume matched. In the volume matched comparisons the perceived difference was smaller than when I just did my regular listening where I switched between them every few weeks or so. The differences were smaller, but still clearly audible and similar to the non-volume matched comparisons. In this case I was very familiar with them both and...
Yep, from ebay. It's a bit annoying that the majority of listings there seem to be fakes. Only a couple appear to be legit, like the Audiotrak one selling them for 79$ each.
The print on top was obviously fake, with the waves being straight lines and triangles, and the face had the wrong proportions. Even the paint itself was brown instead of white, so on first glance before studying the pattern it was clear something was off with them. I tried them first on a Xonar Essence STX which I don't use anymore to see if they would burn up, and then I put them in the Essence One for the actual listening tests.
I got some fake Muses01 which I decided to try out. So the config was 6x genuine Muses01 and 3x fake Muses01 in the unbalanced and balanced outputs going to my speakers and HDVD 800 inputs. I'm impressed by how bad the fake Muses01 were, as they basically ruined the sound completely. I guess that might sound a bit like exaggeration, but the balance of the sound was tilted in the wrong direction (less bass, less treble, more mids) and there was a noticeable decrease in...
I ordered the cable back in early May. Feels surreal that it might actually drop by in the mail soon. I'm detecting a pattern with Sennheiser for all the products they produce in-house in Germany. Has any of them been released at the time they were announced? To be fair I guess it's better to be slow and do things properly rather than rush things out the door.
Yeah I believe it only just started showing up in stores. It wasn't released at the same time as the HDVD 800.
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