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That Amazon reviewer was so poor at explaining himself that he came across as slightly insane. He made it sound as if he connected the LCD-3 to the amp bypass outputs on the back, and was disappointed these unamplified outputs weren't capable of driving the headphones. I'm going to assume he didn't mean that, though it wouldn't be the first time I've heard of people doing something like that.   It is true though that you will probably not get the absolute best sound from...
I guess they didn't want people plugging in the wrong end of the cable into the headphone, with annoying consequences for everyone trying to use it with their PC sound cards. I wish more headphones would ship with either a good extension cable or an alternative long cable for situations like these.
I believe both are replaceable, with the MDR-1A having standard size connectors on both ends (it comes with two cables), while the HD558 has a smaller connector in the headphone with a twisting lock mechanism to keep it in place. It shouldn't be a problem to find or make replacements for either.
1. No. They're easy to drive. They'll sound better with an amp/DAC, because just about anything will, but it's not necessary to make them sound great. 2. Because the HD558 have angled drivers, you'll find that the MDR-1A has a similar kind of sound presentation. The sound isn't as open with the MDR-1A, but the style is somewhat similar. The MDR-1A has much more bass, both in quantity and impact thanks to the closed design. The MDR-1A should sound more lively, more dynamic,...
I've had the MDR-1A for a couple days now. The joints in the left earcup were creaking, which I decided to fix myself by opening up the cup and shoving some adhesive felt in the joints. Now the joint is stiffer, but it has no creaks or squeaks whatsoever.   As for the sound it's very well balanced for what it is. The bass is a bit overemphasized, and the treble has a bit more sparkle than neutral. But it's done well. I love the amount of detail and openness in the...
Line out is always on, and fixed volume. You'll have to mute or turn off your speaker amp when using headphones.
I believe the reason this and many other amps don't come with the gain setting on minimum is because it makes it appear as if the amp has less power. Even though gain and power are unrelated, you can't help perception! I know some speaker amps that have ridiculous gain, where only a third of the volume scale is usable because it gets extremely loud right away. All to make it appear like the amp has unlimited power.
lol ok. I saw it today for the first time.
It's now listed for sale in Sweden. Not in stock yet, but can't be long now that it's listed.
I have now spent enough time comparing the stock AD827SQ and Muses01 as I/V to know the difference. The AD827SQ add more bass, at the cost of soundstage depth and detail. The Muses01 has more detail in the upper registers, and a marked increase in soundstage. Going back to the AD827SQ afterwards the sound definitely doesn’t extend as far out from the speakers and headphones as it did with the Muses01. The good thing about the AD827SQ though is that it adds body and weight...
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