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Will you ship to Australia?
I wish to commission someone here to build me a custom pre-amp for my current listening setup. It needs to have two switchable inputs and two switchable outputs, make use of a unity-gain buffer (AMB's a20) and a high-quality attentuator (i.e. DACT CT2). In my head, it should look as clean and if possible as small to this.     If you enjoy building things, please get in contact with me. I'm more than open to suggestions, but just want to keep it as simple, yet...
make me an offer. needs to go to a good home!
make me an offer. will take anything that is reasonable. i'm not desperate, just hoping someone can enjoy this because I don't have time :(
I totally thought this thread was going to be about a collection of photos of people who have reached 666 posts and had screenshots taken.
$375 shipped worldwide. :)
shbig bump.
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