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Quote: Originally Posted by ixeo i wouldnt say HD590 is a replacement of HD580. HD600 is a replacement of HD580. This is true. The best value option at the moment, IMHO, is the HD595. Quote: Originally Posted by ixeo i've only heard 1 closed phone so far and it sounded like !@#$%. unless you need isolation, i see no reason to choose a closed headphone. You haven't heard any good closed cans? Well there can't be any...
Someone who bought active noise cancellation headphones is pretty unlikely to get cans as open as grados, especially given his earlier points about a noisy computer. My general recommendations are A900s if you're not going to be moving around with them, but the recommendation may change based on the questions I asked above.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nightrain I want the best headphones for the price equivilent or less then to how much I spent on my Bose QuietComfort 2s($300 US). Does that narrow down the search anymore? Not at all. Tell us what you want to use them for (eg music and genre like jazz), where you want to use them (bus/home/walking), source (iPod/sound card/headphone amp). Then we'll be able to help more.
Quote: Originally Posted by svanerik Commando, I miss your old arnold avatar... I changed to this avatar because it's more friendly than a massive politician in camo gear. I found this pic while I was, um, looking at pretty ladies on the net. It needed a crop before I could post it here...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishy Commando, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Have you owned the 25s, or only the beyers? Do you know if the 25's 'squeeze'? with regards to canal phones...I have some sony ex 71's that i use for the gym, and about an hour with them is all i can deal with (in terms of feeling like something is in my ear). I never really get used to them. I'm just looking for something i can take with me (usually to the...
Quote: Originally Posted by georgefe I was wondering whether I will be able to tell the difference. Like will I all of a sudden have much better sound? I understand the need to amp this pair of headphones and I have an old Marantz 2250 that I might use and I have a lot of time coming up so I will at a minimum fool with building a CMoy. Oh yes, you will notice a world of difference. The clarity will be much better, the bass will be better...
Thanks, i've updated the entry
So long as he won't be moving around while he wears them, i'd suggestion getting A500s. They're US$109, plus maybe another $10 in shipping. They're great headphones sound wise, very comfortable too.
I owned the Beyers briefly, their comfort's reasonable, not as good as A900 of course, but not bad. I think the 25s are supraaural, which I find less comfortable. For portable use i'd go with canal phones, MD33s if you don't need isolation, Ety 6i's if you do.
I think your original idea of V6's is good. They're about as industry standard as cans get for pro work, and they're meant to be very robust.
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