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So long as he won't be moving around while he wears them, i'd suggestion getting A500s. They're US$109, plus maybe another $10 in shipping. They're great headphones sound wise, very comfortable too.
I owned the Beyers briefly, their comfort's reasonable, not as good as A900 of course, but not bad. I think the 25s are supraaural, which I find less comfortable. For portable use i'd go with canal phones, MD33s if you don't need isolation, Ety 6i's if you do.
I think your original idea of V6's is good. They're about as industry standard as cans get for pro work, and they're meant to be very robust.
This is an area that you really have to try yourself to decide what's best for you. I had E3s, hated them, got EX71s, and love them. Others have the opposite experience. I don't use an EQ on my portable rig. I suggest reading a few opinions and comparisons, then take a punt by buying one. If you don't like it, return it, and get the other one.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyfrenchman27 I know this is a headphone site...but headphones simply can't contend with the real soundstage supplied by a speaker system. I don't even think the most rabid headphone fans believe that headphones can beat speakers with regard to spatiality. wrt soundstage, how different can two speakers strapped to the side of your head be? For me, very little.
What BigD said. IMHO for the same price, open cans sound better than closed cans. I use closed cans because I need the isolation at home and work, but i'm tempted to by myself a pair of Senny 595s even though I have no real use for them
Quote: Originally Posted by Nak Man LOL ... maybe that was mr. commando himself. Ha ha. I don't hate the 271s, I just think there are better cans out there *for my ears. Quote: Originally Posted by Andrea I'm convinced that K141s is still "audiophile quality", and perfect if you aren't too much of a "detail freak". And, in view of portable use, (I can't be certain, I personally find good earbuds like Senn. mx450...
Quote: Originally Posted by 1UP This is very cool, Commando. Well done and thanks again. BTW, when you've had some sleep/food, here is another suggestion/RFC for ya! Amalgamate the mega amps thread into your db! Shouldn't take long, eh? I thought about doing reviews for all sorts of related gear, but I decided against it because it's too much work. I don't think amps make much of a difference, none have for me, so it'd be wasted...
Thanks to input and comments by many people, I have changed the idea behind the site significantly. Now instead of just letting people who've used high end headphones submit review, anyone who demonstrates that they've tried out at least a few pairs of semi-decent cans is welcome to write a review. There is now a weighting system in place, so the opinions of people who have the most experience are weighted higher than the opinions of people who have less experience. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by dshook The Senns are better than the grados for this sort of thing?? There's no such thing as better for one type of music, it all depends on the listener/person.
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