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Thank you, that's much appreciated. Can you compare the sound, and the comfort? I'd be driving from a weak source, can get a little amp but it's easier if I don't have to.
Just posted this on an older thread... but can anyone compare them with the DT880? I listen to music quite quietly, at work, I saw a comment that suggested Mad Dogs were better at higher volumes.
Can anyone compare them with the Beyerdynamic DT880? NobleHiFi says "The DT880's bass is a little leaner than the Mad Dog, but it kicks harder. Overall the detail of the DT880 is more crisp and the upper ranges have a lot more presence and sparkle, but this makes the Mad Dog a lot more forgiving of higher volumes, where they really open up in the bass and soundstage." I listen to music reasonably quietly, from a mobile device at work, so I need headphones that work well...
I drive them to work in my Toyota Samsung Galaxy S4. Obviously I'm not going for audiophile sound quality, I just want to make sure the headphones are driven well enough to sound pretty good.
Thanks for the suggestions. The ATH is "heavy bass", which isn't me. The Sony relies on electronics and batteries to fix poor drivers, and they look a bit flimsy.
How well do these headphones work from an Android phone? Specifically a Galaxy S4. Dan suggested they were ok, but lacked bass. I'm not looking for Audiophile sound, just something better than average for work. Currently I use Beats by Dr Dre, which are ok but not great.
I have a good setup at home (DAC/MisterX PPA/LCD2) but I'm looking for something cheap and not too nasty for work. Mains powered, very compact so I can lock it away if required, preferably in the $50 to max $100 price range. It will feed the Mad Dog modified T50RPs, which I'll only buy if I can find a suitable amp as I'm told they don't work that well from Android phones. Any recommendations?
Thanks, significantly cheaper than Mad Dogs, but I think I like the idea of the better pads, head strap, money back guarantee, etc.Are there any stock headphones I can buy that are worth considering?
  Thanks MG. I'm sure the MD's are good and comfortable, I'd really love to hear if they're compatible with my sound signature tastes.
I'm still thinking about ordering these headphones, I want to check before I do that I'll like the sound and comfort. If anyone can guide me that would be appreciated.   I like:  - Audio Technica A900's - love the sound and comfort, but no longer available  - Audzee LCD2 - great balanced detailed sound, good comfort  - Sennheiser 650 - great balanced detailed sound, good comfort  - Beats by Dr Dre - mostly because they were free samples, like the noise...
New Posts  All Forums: