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      Thanks for the suggestion. They're apparently not great for people with small heads - I think mine's a little smaller than average. They sound like they're a reference headphone, which isn't really what I need for work - it'd be fine, but I don't mind something a bit colored. Between those two points I think they're not quite right for me.   At work I'll be driving headphones with a phone - Galaxy S4. Since I had headphones stolen I want a pair of headphones I can...
Oh ok, I'll look again thanks. Song isn't as bad as they used to be. Mdr v700 were my first expensive headphones, truly awful to my ear these days.
A $600 headphone made with a driver from a $75 headphone is kinda surprising. Is the driver super underpriced? You usually get what you pay for.
More info on 3D dogs please?
Dan replied to email very very quickly and yes his service has been excellent even to me who hasn't spent anything so far! The return policy is very fair, but the website isn't consistent - some places still say "returns only for people in the USA" - a minor oversight as his emails suggested otherwise. Totally respect the small business, the service, and doing what you love - I run my own business too :)   I'm just trying to work out if I want a $75 pair of...
  Yep, massive threads, I'll have a look through :)
Thanks Kamakahah. I have a PPA with a DAC in it that I use with the LCD2 at home, fed with optical cable from the PC, but at work I really just want something comfortable and closed that blocks out noise and makes the music sound good. A900's were perfect, other than size. I could take the PPA in, but I don't want that stolen too, so any amp I have at work needs to be small enough that I can easily throw it in a drawer at the end of the day. In practice I'll probably not...
Digital audio output - now that's an interesting idea. I'll have a bit of Google around to see if I can work that out. May save a little battery too, though the phone's pretty good with batteries.   Thanks for the suggestions :) I guess I should try it with my PPA first to see how necessary an amp is huh? I'm less fussy than many.
Good to know about the isolation, that would be a good benefit. Can you compare the sound signature, and how comfortable they are to wear?
Thank you, that's much appreciated. Can you compare the sound, and the comfort? I'd be driving from a weak source, can get a little amp but it's easier if I don't have to.
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