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  T70s look MUCH better than A900X's - I returned my X because of the poor 3D wing support. I was really just commenting that you'd probably like the audio technica sound signature, but to avoid the newest designs because of that headband.
If you like the LCD-2 then you'll probably like the Audio Technica range. The only thing to beware of is the newer X models (eg A900X) have poor support from their 3D wing, so make sure you buy from somewhere that accepts returns, and open the box carefully as it rips easily. The higher up 1000/2000/5000 models may be worth investigating.
Also considering Denon AH-D600. They look great, other than the price, and that they may not suit smaller heads well.
I'm still thinking about this, I've been reading reviews for a week now and I'm not really much closer to a decision. I think I've ruled out the Mad Dogs, as I really want to drive from my Samsung phone at work, an amp would be a hindrance as it would need to be locked away at night. I'm in New Zealand so the cost of trying and returning headphones is relatively high - around $80 shipping both ways usually.   Requirements: closed, comfortable with glasses, no amp...
A900X aren't suitable for people with smaller or maybe even average size heads. I bought the A900X to replace the A900 I had stolen, the 3D wing system on the X is pretty bad. When you put it on your head the only thing holding it there is the moderate to light clamping force, if you move your head around the A900X slides down and rests on your ears. I sent them back for repair but was told they work as designed, so to me the newer 3D wing design is far inferior to the...
Are you after open or closed headphones? Home, work, or portable use? What's your budget?   I'm in a similar position, in my case wanting closed headphones for work. Mad Dogs sound like good headphones, they're closed, they work best with an amp, and many people seem to really like them. I've read they're a little heavy and ugly, but reported to be very comfortable unless you have really large ears. They're $300, modified from $75 Fostex headphones, with new pads,...
      Thanks for the suggestion. They're apparently not great for people with small heads - I think mine's a little smaller than average. They sound like they're a reference headphone, which isn't really what I need for work - it'd be fine, but I don't mind something a bit colored. Between those two points I think they're not quite right for me.   At work I'll be driving headphones with a phone - Galaxy S4. Since I had headphones stolen I want a pair of headphones I can...
Oh ok, I'll look again thanks. Song isn't as bad as they used to be. Mdr v700 were my first expensive headphones, truly awful to my ear these days.
A $600 headphone made with a driver from a $75 headphone is kinda surprising. Is the driver super underpriced? You usually get what you pay for.
More info on 3D dogs please?
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