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  Budget choice - Superlux 662, either the base 662 or 662B model, $50. Upgrade with velour pads, $13.
Interestingly I'm also looking at the $50 Superlux 662F's... I think I'll order them, see how they sound, then compare with the headphones costing 2-4 times as much!
Any news on the 662 II/Evo?   How do people like the new evo models of any of the superlux cans compared with the previous models?
  Suggest you read this thread, there's a good comparison in there.
Can anyone expand on the comfort of the 662F? I guess all the 662's are similarly built, so happy to hear from anyone, especially people who wear glasses.
They're in stock in a local store, along with Senn Momentum, some Audio Technica cans, PSB M4U 1/2, and I hope to find the MDR-R1's as well. I'll report back next week.
Email parts at  atus dot com   "The A900 pads are $7.16/pair and the W1000’s are $31.30/pair. Postage will be $10.00. Please provide address and credit card information. We can also do a Paypal transaction."   W1000 pads don't fit on an A900, I tried it, my partner tried it, we just couldn't get them on. If anyone wants W1000 pads PM me with an offer (they're no use to me at all).
  The 3D wing was great in the A900, but the A900X broke it. Comfort for me is primary over sound quality as if I can't keep the headphones on my head for a good amount of time I'm not going to appreciate the sound. The 3D Wing is already pretty big and ugly for work too. If there was a decent mod then I may have done it, but it was pretty ugly. If I knew there weren't many other options I may have reconsidered though.   I may have to give the mad dogs a go, the others...
  I know, great sound, but they looked so stupid with a rubber band up there. I didn't want to support a company that makes poor products.
  Thanks guys, I just read that it's basically open. I've had DT770's, far too much bass for me. A900X has a really poor 3D wing design (I just returned them, awful), and K550 are meant to be no good for people with smaller heads.   Sony MDR-R1, Sennheiser Momentum, Denon AD600, and SoundMagic HP100 are the current ones I'm looking at. I've ruled out PSB M4U 1 (uncomfortable), V-Moda M100 (super bassy), probably ruled out Beyer Custom One Pro (gimmicky). Mad Dogs may be...
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