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I've spent a few hours in stores listening to headphones costing around double what the A900X cost. There's no doubt that the A900X sound is fantastic value, and even with the awful awful 3D wing system I'm considering buying another pair (I returned the first pair) and modifying it somehow.   Can anyone with the A900X tell me if they think the 3D wing could be removed entirely and replaced with a simple leather band?
In-ear headphones would be best by far. Sound quality isn't important as all the noise and thumping goes through anything. Sony, Creative EP630 ($30), Ultimate Ears (owned by logitech now from memory), there are heaps of options.
Consider these. Not sure about prices though.
Here on ebay.
Question: would HD600's require an amp? That might put them significantly above your budget. The 598's are probably fine without an amp.   Don't forget you can order from the US, though shipping costs can be high. Amazon tend to have reasonable shipping fees.
I suspect R&D costs are a significant factor, given the relatively low volume headphones probably sell at. Cost of materials once you've done the research and worked out how to manufacture in volume probably isn't so high, but the initial costs have to be paid for.
  Of course, just because I don't like the sound or comfort it doesn't mean others don't. I'm just saying how they are for me.
  Thanks for the suggestion, but I need closed headphones for work.     Given I rate the beats as "only ok" for sound and comfort I think it says more about the 662F's comfort and sound. Given I own/run a headphone reviews website I've heard more headphones than most people. When my fiance asked why I don't like them I said "because I can't stand to have them on my head for more than 5 minutes, because of both comfort and sound". The beats don't hold a candle to the...
  I got the beats free as review units, they're not worth what they cost. They're more comfortable and have a less "sharp" sound than the 662F's. I'll probably go with Sony/Sennheiser/Beyerdynamic headphones, a lot more expensive than the Superlux but at least I can probably stand to keep them on my head. It's not worth the risk of bringing the LCD-2's to work, and they don't block enough sound out anyway.
Pretty sure I'm going to return or sell my 622F's. The sound is too sharp for me, and they push quite strongly on my jaw - probably because I have a smaller than average head. I can't stand to keep them on my head for more than about 10 minutes at a time, both comfort and sound wise.   Back to my Beats by Dr Dre for now (much better comfort/sound), and then to the headphone store... going to have to buy something probably 4-6 times more expensive to get good sound...
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