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What's your budget for headphones?
  I reported what I heard with my own hears in order to help people who couldn't hear them all for themselves. You obviously disagree, though you haven't given any context, comparisions with other gear you've tried, it seems you just like to argue. Well, I'm done. If anyone has comments happy to hear them, happy to answer questions, but when you post to try to help people and get hassled that really puts you off trying to help people again. Maybe I'll report back after my...
Why do you want new headphones? A good dac/amp will probably make them sound better, and they're a really good headphone. You'll have to spend at the very least $300 to get anything comparable, and you might need to go to the HD800/LCD3 to get a significant step up. Both of those need a great source/amp anyway, so you might as well start by getting one of those for the 990s.
Suggest you look at the MDR-1RNC, noise cancelling is awesome on a plane. I found the treble a little sharp with the 1RNC, but not too bad.
      I don't think it was the source or the song. I listened to six or eight different songs on around 10 pairs of headphones yesterday. The Grado's, Senn 598s, beats, Yamaha, AKG, Sony all sounded balanced. The seal I got was fine, no problems there, the only fit comment I had was the ear cups are quite small. I'm fairly experienced at this, I've been here since 2004. I've probably listened to more headphones than most people on this forum, I own...
  Remember a few things:  - This is my opinion, with plenty of disclaimers. You can have your own opinion, but you can't tell me my opinion based on what I heard is wrong. Sure happy to hear if you disagree, or if you think they're faulty, but you can't say someone's opinion is incorrect about something this subjective.  - The source was a phone, so not great quality or power behind it  - The headphones probably hadn't been burnt in, they're in a store. Some headphones...
I'm also interested in Mad Dogs vs the 1R's, any more impressions? I listened to the 1R's for the first time today, I really liked them out of my S4 phone, though I thought detail could be a bit better.
Ah I'll flag it I think. Great drivers, terrible support system.
  Edited to add I was using my Galaxy S4 phone. I know it's not a great source, but I want something closed and fun sounding for work, to compliment my LCD2/PPA/DAC at home. They had a DAC/amp at the store, I'll try them out of that next time.   Recessed mids you can EQ, it's the lack of clarity that wasn't great to my ear. Actually it's difficult to EQ a phone, all the software I've tried bites.
They are pretty unweildy and a bit fugly. They sound good from a portable source, better than many of the headphones that cost twice as much that really require a dedicated amp. The only thing that comes close is the Sony MDR-R1, and that doesn't have the same clarity. Having something more compact does appeal... I'll ponder.   I sent mine from New Zealand to Japan to be repaired not returned, but they said there was nothing wrong with them and gave me a refund...
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