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I'll have another listen when I go back to the store.
I listened to the Pro 500's briefly on the weekend. I found the bass muddy, and the clarity substandard, overall not even worth considering. The Yamaha HPH-MT220 however I found quite good, other than the recessed midrange that lacked clarity, though that may be because they needed burning in.
You may have super ears, like the signature of your amp, convince yourself it's better amped, or there may be a tiny improvement that you like. Either way, since you haven't listened to them best wait until you have :)   Aside - I heard the 598 a few days ago, with my phone as a source. I was really quite impressed. Good bass, good detail, good balance, great value.
  I tend to trust my ears. The LCD2 gets a bit better with an amp, but it's not night and day, and the A900s are MUCH easier to drive than LCD2. My hearing seems pretty good, it's not like I'm deaf or anything - I was tested as having slightly better than normal hearing :)
I don't think an amp is required with these at all. I used the A900 non-X for years without an amp straight from a portable source and they worked great. I found little improvement when I used an amp, they're just super easy headphones to drive.
Have a read of this thread, all semi portable.
  To me the phrase "portable amp" is a contradiction in terms, so I'd rule the mad dogs out immediately. Momentum's are quite small and portable, but don't fold down, which mean they'd take up a bit of space in a bag on a plane, and I didn't like their sound much - with my phone source and not burned in. M500's are on ear, which I just don't like, and will block out very little noise. So to me for your usage Sony R1 or Senn Momentum, based on personal preferences.
I never said the channel imbalance was in all copies, that'd be crazy. It's just the drivers aren't quite matched in that pair. 
Double blind tests of high bitrate mp3 files with great headphones and expert listeners routinely show that mp3 files are absolutely fine. I think it comes back to people spending a bunch of money and wanting to justify their purchases to themselves.   I'm a very practical, perhaps slightly cynical engineer.
  Yeah that's why I said at the start this test was purely from an S4. The headphones could be quite different from a proper amp, though in my experience the difference is usually subtle, only occasionally do you get a marked difference. I think people hear what they want to hear sometimes, to justify what they paid for their equipment.   I listened to the Fidelo L1 in JB Hifi, a chain electronics store, plugged into their standard source. I wasn't impressed at all. But...
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