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I'm looking for some cheap gym in-ear headphones, definitely below $50, as cheap as possible for something that's comfortable. Sound quality isn't particularly important as with all the banging and music around you can't appreciate it, comfort is important. I really like unequal cord lengths so one cord can go behind my neck. I'm also thinking having those plastic/rubber bits that go over your ears might be good to reduce microphonics - I've never tried them so interested...
 Wasn't worth the time and bother to me, I just got a second hand pair of A900s, problem solved :)
 I bought the HD662s, and resold them a couple of weeks later. I have a slightly smaller than average head, I found the pressure too much even after trying to loosen off the headband, and putting it on a wide object to try to stretch it out. I didn't think much of the sound either, quite harsh.
 Yes, return them.
Can the KEF M500 really be called closed? I've never liked supraaural headphones much.
Home: Audio-Technica A900X, though buy from somewhere you can return them in case the support system doesn't work for you. Not portable at all though. Portable: suggest sound quality's less important here. Some good value in-ear headphones are probably the best bet, Sony do decent ones, Ultimate Ears are better, but there's plenty of choice.
 Mismatched drivers can happen with any headphones. You can either use a balance control or return them for non-faulty headphones.
I listened at many of the headphones on this thread.. Momentum, PSU, MDR-1R, beats (already own), plus a bunch of others I posted about. I got some second hand A900's (not the X) for $100. Comfort and sound quality it beats all of these, and is very very close to the LCD2 when I compare them side by side with a good FLAC/optical/DAC/amp system. The A900 aren't at all portable, not even slightly, but I'd love to hear MacedonianHero's comparison.
I have 662F for sale, with velour pads. If anyone wants them PM me, New Zealand or Australia preferred but other places considered especially if you pay postage.
  Huh? Was some spam removed from the thread?
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