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Ah cool, thanks :)
Ah great, thanks. I leave it plugged into my PC most of the time, it seems fine.
I must've gotten a pre-production unit or something. Can you tell me what the buttons on the unit do, or upload a scan/photo of the instructions?
Well, it's a DAC, it's poorly documented, it has buttons but I don't know what they do, and it sounds pretty much like every other DAC. What else would you like to know? You can check the headphone reviews dot org blog for a little more detail.
Someone (presumably Cyberdrive) has sent me a bunch of in-ear headphones and the "Cyberdrive Clarity Feather DAC" for review. As far as I can tell, they never contacted me so I don't know how they got my details, though I do run a related website so it's not that unusual. They don't answer the contact form on their website though.   I'm just curious if anyone knows anything about them or their products, particularly the DAC. It has no instructions, the box says it works...
I'm gona bump this just in case anyone has any thoughts... I found this thread doing a Google search 3 months after I posted the thread :)
I'm looking for some cheap gym in-ear headphones, definitely below $50, as cheap as possible for something that's comfortable. Sound quality isn't particularly important as with all the banging and music around you can't appreciate it, comfort is important. I really like unequal cord lengths so one cord can go behind my neck. I'm also thinking having those plastic/rubber bits that go over your ears might be good to reduce microphonics - I've never tried them so interested...
 Wasn't worth the time and bother to me, I just got a second hand pair of A900s, problem solved :)
 I bought the HD662s, and resold them a couple of weeks later. I have a slightly smaller than average head, I found the pressure too much even after trying to loosen off the headband, and putting it on a wide object to try to stretch it out. I didn't think much of the sound either, quite harsh.
 Yes, return them.
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