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Info from Westone site:   Replacement cable for all Westone Adventure Series, ES, AC, UMPro and W Series monitors. W series round cable with MMCX connector, MFI controls and MIC. Made for iPhone, iPod, iPad.   Purchased new December 2014 from Amazon. The microphone, buttons and audio all work. I've just decided to use the stock no-mic cable on my JVC HA-FX850 instead. The Westone cable has been sitting in a soft-sided zip bag. They look brand new; no damage or...
Mikelap, am I correct in assuming that the second pic (showing the Denons) are the Lawton pads? If so, I'm definitely going to save up and get them. Thanks!
Does anyone have photo evidence of how close Option #4 is to the Lawton pads?I have an old pair of Lawton-stuffed stock pads (stuffed before he started selling the after-market pads). They are significantly thicker than the pics posted on eBay.With a few small splits starting to appear, I'm needing to get a new pair sometime soon. I will probably save up for the Lawton -- unless someone can share a side by side comparison.
I submit my D5000 recable thread from several years ago:
As for the warranty, I've read (on other pages here) it only applies if you're in Japan.
I'm assuming you're looking for the 850 and your buying in the US. If so, I see it listed right now.
I got mine through from a seller named J-Made. Price was fair (although it looks like price has gone up recently). Shipping was lightning quick from Japan to central Texas. Communication was good. Got a few nice origami items and a handwritten thank-you note.
I am the one that posted about the loose fit with the Westone cable and fx850. I will confirm that the connection on the right side is loose (but usable), where as the left is a bit tighter. Neither is as tight as the stock cables.
It's been several years since I opened the box on my D5000, but my memories of that time are EXACTLY as you described. I bet if I go back into my old Head-Fi posts, I probably see many of the same phrases you used.If you can swing it, send the D5000 to Lawton Audio. Get the tuning and angle pads. The piercing highs will be tamed, as will the overwhelming bass. And your headaches should subside.Note that before I went the LA route, I tried using the Gilmore Lite amp to tame...
I wonder if the j444 mod and increased air movement can help explain what I'm experiencing with my FX850 and recently received set of Comply tips. I posted earlier about how the stock medium silicone tips were just a bit too small. Too much air circulating. AUVIO medium silicone were a tiny bit larger and provide the fit and sound best to date. I received a mixed pack of Comply 400 medium tips (no wax filters) earlier in the week. Comply Isolation tips inserted much...
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