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thanks. this is whz i initially have abandoned the idea, now its confirmed. can always use hot air :D
interesting question i had some months ago and then thought its impossible so i forgot about it.   what is the difference between how the sd in the lets say x3ii and the x5 is connected? one has 1 slot and the other 2.   is it possible to somehow externally by soldering and such plug 2 sd cards in parallel-series into 1 slot? or does it also depends on hardware?
i also bought mine like 4-5 months ago originally planned for the X1 lol...anyways, itseasy butticky, since the"mSD" card plastic structure is on the "wrong" side of the cable. whati mean is that after you cut it(carefull dont demage the metal contacts, u need to cut the plastic) if you then bend it it might break. and tear the contacts. so i just made a 1 deep cut. the 2nd cut was so to speak half deep. both done at 90 degrees to the plastic surface. and then i started to...
 you can find the same one in aliexpress too and choose adifferent shipping type. i use this because of its very short length, so it fits perfectly. i now need to cut a small hole in the silicon case and then post a pic of the final setup
agree. same here. im enjoying my new X3ii while the others here suffer 
i just got the yurbud enhancers, and put them on my anv3se sourced from the x3ii. it sounds like sh*t no matter how much a temper with the EQ. once i took them off and put the foam standart tips again. its amazing. yurbud enhancers? idk what you people see in them...
Update:   Problem with swapping 256GB SD cards is solved.   one simply has to boot the x3ii with an existing SD card in the adaptor. if one wishes to swap the card, since the adaptor is always connected, if you just change the sd cards it wont be recognized. what needed to be done is simply turn it off. insert the new card in adaptor. then turn on. WALLA!! works like a charm. so please.. excuse me while i manage my 500gb library 
should get my card reader today and test things at reasonable speeds... finally... thanks for your input.
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