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ive just talked to mp4nation and they said they declare it as a gift and much lower value. such that you wont need to pay customs unless u get really unlucky and they open your package
seems like they ship only within US, or am i wrong?
Im not the kind of person relyinf on warranty. Most of the electronics I buy are used anyways. And I never encounter any issues. About the hifi shops im myself a citizen of the world always changing countries so I dont mind bout thay, though I do understand ppl who do. Peace
If they declare the value that is a problem. Thats why i prefer cheinese companies which state low values
What i do find wierd is that i still didnt see anypne selling it in germany   i was thinking of this myself. does it mean that people outside of poland are excluded from VAT?
there are ways to avoid customs. ofcourse its not 100% proof, but it does worth it in the long run
i dont think the prices in Germany would be lower than 99 eur. but i guess ill be ought to pay that price eventually :d
oh i didnt know that, you are based geograficaly well then! :Dim living in Germany, the US based shop B&H charges 99usd+ 65 usd shipping and i am too cheap to pay 99 euros to get it from the netherlands, in Britain its 99 GBP- pure ripoff
there are now dozens of offers in taobao but i dont see the point of that since it end up around 160 usd incl.  the agent costs and the shipping that they offer. is they a way to bypass the agents? >.<
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