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selling my Tingo-38S incase your interested, mint condition
and "generes"
Is the approximate release date still somewhere during August?
i am sorry to hear you are going for the sandisk brand.
 Thank you very  much! this is exactly what i was expecting, though they have no dimensions on the given site so this was a great help! Very nice, I actually thought that the card slot is on the buttom... ow well..looks good and fits right it with the X1. im still wondering, since the backplate is made out of plastic, if it would be possible to shove this whole thing  below it so that it wont stick so much out and cut a small hole on the eight side of the pic so that you...
yo, yup dont rush it^^ im glad nothing got broken. The X1 got only 1 mSD slot. Meaning using this adaptor I'm gonna be using 1 128gb SD card but i would really like to see how you made the connector sit there safe and tight , not now though, continue with the quest later^^  good night!
cool! nice to see some1 have alreadz experimented with that! perhaps you could uplod some pics? the most interesting part for me is the part where the micro sd adaptor connects to the device, and how you keep it safe from getting damaged. also if the SD card can be placed on the back of the device 180 degrees from the micro sd connector
This would be a better adaptor than the one I have previously mentioned   only thing left to do is to find a safe way to secure it to the device. I have some ideas myself, but it would be nice to hear other people's take on it.
what are you talking about? my pair is for sale here on head fit for around 2 weeks, in case you weren't aware of that, now you it a crime to try and advertise it? in a related thread
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