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what are you talking about? my pair is for sale here on head fit for around 2 weeks, in case you weren't aware of that, now you it a crime to try and advertise it? in a related thread
yes buy my pair :P
I am really puzzled by BLOX's  marketing techniques, wouldn't it be easier for them to state this exact information in their webpage instead of making people email them and respond to each person at a time?
As the owner of this thread I think you are being irresponsible by not including also negative/neutral reviews on the 1st should take into account most people will not actually go through 67 pages before deciding if to go for them or not. That's why the 1st post by you is so crucial and should include also other reviews deviating from your own line, and this is precisely because:"Different people have different opinions - please accept that." Other's opinions...
this is only  to balance the extra positive opinion coming from the same people. no need to be obsessed and praising them either.i hope you do understand the reviews on aliexpress  dont mean that much for people in this forum, since most likely they are coming frompeople not into all the "high tier sound"Because you keep on posting how magnificent they are, which they are clearly not. I'm here to balance things out.I think the hype in the beginning was not justified and...
i am sorry i was really not impressed by them and will not give them another try most likely, if i do, i would surely update. for now lets agree to disagree 
nah you shouldnt try the PK2 now, i think tingo are better than them, PK series is a dying breed :Dyes you have sold the TM7 too fast i would assume from the impression i got when reading many comparisons here that they would sound"better" than PK1and better value to money since you dont need an amp with them. ow well, maybe next time^^
you might be right since i didnt listen to them for more than 10 minutes. what i do know that compared to my anv3se they sound pretty thin,no bass and  very TG38s like  with a better build quality but extra uncomfortable housingso i didnt continue and investigated any further. 
i agree with your review as well, i think the TG 38s are good buds for the price, ofcourse they are much better than stock eabuds you get with your phone or ipod or watever, but they do not by any chance can compete with the high tier earbuds, like Blox. PK1 i have never bought actually because i decided to go for the blox and boy im not sorry a bit! i  am not sure that as of today(2014) pk1 are still the king of buds like they used to be but i never listened to them so...
oh, interesting, i guess a knot will work for the tension and glueing for the compression, thanks. on the same occasion i would like to ask another small question, Does anybody have experience with gluing drivers? and why cannot a smaller driver be fit in a bigger housing?(earbuds) there are just no guides online, and i didnt find an answer using the search here.   Thanks.
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