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back at the time i had a choice. either to backup this project. or wait 2-3 months till the Fiio X3 2nd gen is out and get it. i decided to get the Fiio eventually. you can only imagine how reading this thread makes me feel :D  sorry for all u guys that got fked.  personally i dont believe in " made in america" stuff except some special cases, this was obviously not one of them.
shyyyyt im so f*in glad this thread is so alive.. ive been emailed Woo sinc eover a year ago always asking whats happening with his project but he never replied so i thought they got closed.. nice to see they offer new stuff again. anyidea how they compare to the ANV3se or the VE stuff?
wow thanks alot! it has indeed fixed my issue! in addition the clickwheel work better than when i've bought it.. each click of the wheel now amounts to one title/song scroll.   an extra question: i also asked this sometime ago directly by emailing. i was wondering if hebrew language support will be added anytime? i have bunch of hebrew songs which names are bunch of rectabgles.. which makes it impossible to know what am i picking. i assume it shouldn't be too...
Dear FiiO reps,    i want to complain about a problem im having with my X3 2nd gen and ask if it can be solved.   a week ago while on a vacation, i've noticed that my clickwheel goes crazy while turning it clockwise. in other words, when i turn it clockwise it turns back and fourth and jumps forwards and backwards. music/track selection is in no way possible with this kind of jiggling around. only way to select or navigate to a specific title is then via the buttons...
Would be nice if some of you european lads will organize a tour for either Zen 1 or 2😃
any of you EU folks out there, still planning to make a Zen 1.0 or 2.0 tours ?
i dont work that way
any planned EU tour for the VE Zen 1  or 2.0 ?
any plans of incorporating hebrew in the firmware?
for a start it is :D but people always strive for more ))
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