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 Good strategy  LOL  :D
Ohhh, so beautiful ...
 Hope you still have Ember and can still make you happy, while Elise is 'in treatment'.
I heard HEK with WA22, it sounds fantastic, attack, space, treble clarity is fantastic.
 What tubes are you currently using?  have you tried to change the tubes?
Awesome meet DL! I am jealous.
My Ember was more scrathier before when new than now. Now it's so soft I couldn't hear it most of the time.
Thanks.I never measured, but I think A Gd DAC output 2V in SE.
Don't say that CF! ..... or am I not getting the joke?
Got it. I will try my 5998 as justification to get the 7236.So far I have just tried 6N13C winged C and RCA 6as7 to compare with 6080, I will try my Catham.I used to have the Chinese variant as well but I forgot the type. I gave away together when I sold dv337.I know 5998 has wide soundstage, I was just comparing 6080 with pure 6AS7, not 5998.
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