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Tempted to get koss esp-950 for its comfort and vocal.
Great headphone. One of my favorite headphone for movies.
I haven't tried he400 but for movies, with hours of straight listening time, comfort is a MUST. I have a feeling he400 is a bit too heavy for 2-3 hrs movies.
Maybe it's just me, but for movies, i prefer very clean vocals and huge soundstage than tons of bass. Philips happened to be too much for me.
Sorry to revive old thread, but i just joined akg only recently. I agree with the above post, i sheldom listening to musics anymore. k501 sounds really good for movies, tonally very realistic, seductive mids, LLLAAARRGE soundstage. Now i am looking for used made in Austria akg k702, also for movies.
I too like movie watching using headphone. My favorites are Sony SA3000, HD800, Sony MA900, Audio Techica AD700, AKG K501. Please note that the list are not in order, i just listen to whichever my mood drives me. I tried K70x (K702 to be exact), i think it is very nice for movies too. I tried k712, but i think it is too warm for movies.
Where ia the cheapest place to buy k712 made in austria now?
From my observations, pure tube amp generally don't produse solid kick bass.
I said k712 is improvement in comfort (they remove the headband bumps) and bass (3 db more over k702).
Buying from some trusty head fier i think is not bad idea either? Some builds really are good looking.
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