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I agree, but i don't agree with the price, oh my ...
Hmm, Grado sound ... sounds quite bright. I think the padding looks the same which means also touching my ear, right?
Is it? I saw the iv but i didnt bother to put it on because i thought vi is better anyway.I will give it a try next time.When you meant clearer did you mean that iv is brighter than vi?
I have other headphone that also causes pain because of the same issue, Stax sr 207. If happened that i am in the mood of listening to the sound i workaround it by putting a tape in small area of my ear where it touches the driver. Sounds silly but that's the fastest way to work around it without changing any of its sound or modding the headphone.But still, of course they still cant be my favorite for long term listening.
Tried this few days ago. Sounds great, bass is a little less impact, vocal is beautiful, but my ear touching the driver bothers me. I am sure i cant wear it for very long.
+1 Sony sa3000 is great for movies due to its large soundstage and detail.
I would like to see a better ma900 instead I LOVE my ma900, but better is always good
Glad to know you also like t50rp claritas.
Makes me want to try re400.
Have you tried fostex t50rp? For me it's one of the most beautiful vocal in my headphone collection. AT Ad2000 is also very beautiful but more colored. Hd800 is very natural but you have to amp them with matching amp like Vali. Lcd 2.1 vocal is a bit too far for me. Lcd 3f is very nice, but i dont have it.
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