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I still have my cx300 that o seldom use, only like 50 hrs in many years, and my father in law cx300 that he use almost everyday for like 5 years so maybe about 1000 hrs. I compared both last week, they still sound identical. Maybe this cx300 really does not change with burn in? ... I am just sayin.
Ringing in Vali is nothing, at least for mine. Very funny purrin, hahaha
I listened myself this pairing, totally dont sound like an amp that price.
Ma900 projects the sound in front of you,just like speaker.
Thanks for the direction smitty. I will go there.
Can anyone compare the sound signature of ember and Vali? Thank you
No comparison to other amp yet? For agd amps, I listen to Phoenix only.
Hahaha. Depending on the design objective, powerful amp doesn't always have to fry IEM. Lyr2 for example, can even be used for iem as well. But like sup said, it was mentioned that it can't be used for iem.
I wonder how this drives IEM.
I like watching movies with headphones and I have sr60 (not exactly sr80) and ma900, if that helps.Definitely i prefer ma900 for movies due to better detail in vocal weight. Sr60 may give you impression of clearer vocal but gets you fatigue quite fast.Sometimes i missed sr60 for movies, but i will normally use it for 20 mins then i switch back to either ma900, hd800 or sony sa3000.
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