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Hope you have a chance to chime one or two, comparing ZDSE and this amp Ms. Liu
Care to share what amp do you heard better than Elise?
But i would incline to think that it is made in Austria 😀
Try Ember amp, they sound glorious there. My k702 is weird, the cup says made in Austria, the headband got a small sticker says made in china, the box says made in China. Which one should i believe?
 Elise looks like a fine amp. Love how it is named.  I like amp with girls name  LG look like this  ZD look like , you tempt me.  :D  HA-501, not so much (I prefer tube sound), I already have Lehmann BCL.
Do you think Elise can run 6sj7? It can really sound good, but very hard to get.
With tubes, size matters, the bigger the better Seems like el3n is unavoidable, hope i managed to get it before it runs out, like fossil fuels.How's el3n gain compared to standard 6sn7? Same? Lower or higher? , considering it is not running at full power.We are in the same boat. 6sn7, 6as7 infection.I am curious why bigger tubes sounds wider, maybe an expert like @2359Glenn have some opinion? Electrons swimming in wider space perhaps?
I am mainly love Elise because of the tube combination used. I love 6as7 and i love 6sn7. i never heard both tubes used together, but i believe the combination is just going to be great. The closest amp topology i've heard and owned was tha-337 with 2x 6as7 and 2x 6sj7 which i love the sound very much. I sold it because of the dual volume pot which drove me nuts after awhile. Somehow so far i have preference for bigger tubes than the miniature ones. At least in Ember,...
I am fine, thanks for asking. Just i don't have much time in the forum, have to assist my kids exam and all.I have ordered Elise based on impression mainly from connieflier sine he has both Ember and Elise. But i would never let Ember go, she's one of my lover. What other amps are you considering right now?
Hello brother David. Get your sr009 back yet?
New Posts  All Forums: