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From my observations, pure tube amp generally don't produse solid kick bass.
I said k712 is improvement in comfort (they remove the headband bumps) and bass (3 db more over k702).
Buying from some trusty head fier i think is not bad idea either? Some builds really are good looking.
Depend in what is your definition of improve. To me, k702 lose the warmth and intimate vocals that i like so much about ad700. The added upper midrange emphasize doesn't help either. But maybe you get more detail out of k702.
Well said my friend.Simple and right to the point.
I can't answer for the comparison, but you have to open the top cover to change the gain setting. It is a jumper. Also interested for the comparison with LD amp.
I see, that's good. Because if this sounds similar to th500rp (judging from looks), it is quite dissapointing.Thanks. I just realized that Ether is using entirely their own driver, i initially thought it's still using fostex driver.
Yeah, i try to keep it simple, just in SE mode only.
Has anyone compared this and fostex's own t500rp? Curious to know how it stands against it.
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