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 How's vocal weight of HD540 II compared to HD600?  I imagine HD 600 is weightier? more intimate? and HD540 vocal more distance?
Anyway, i love the look alone, the color scheme kinda remind me to Batman the Dark Knight :P
Don't forget also efficiency which has something to do with current.
Glad my Lehmann BCL get some love
Can share why?Also what good quality do you find great with hd650 - Valhalla 2 pairing?Very contrasting opinions
 Please let us know your finding.
Nice impression. Thanks
How's vocal weight/body, forwardness with hd540 compared to hd800? K1000 is a nice headphone with nice tonality, but i find instrument separation can't really match modern transducer technology, imo. Did you have a chance to try k501?
Yes mate, ULTIMATE!
Nice songs! I imagine those kind of orchestral and string instruments would sound huge with hd800, which lead me curious to also listen to hd540.
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