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Subscribed. UT, you are right, EL3N as driver sounds very nice. It removes the slightly extra warmth that I like less with the stock TS 6SN7 driver.
Yes, it is named K712
Mullard equivalent for 12AT7 is CV4024.
Agree with this. It perhaps happened that Tunkejazz speaker is more capable than his headphone system.With hd800, the difference between DAC is very evident.Actually i heard more detailed sound with hd800 than any speakers I ever listened to. Let's not talk about Martin Logan and above yet To be fair, it is also depend on the tubes used in Ember. For less detailed tube maybe the difference between dac may not be so obvious.
Good or bad, Ember scale up very well with better source. I used to use the very well regarded Audio gd nfb-2 DAC. When I swapped with Audio Gd Ref. 7.1, the difference is very obvious. Now I am reading Yggy.
That look like one happy Ember. Surrounded by great headphones, tubes and fed by the mighty Yggy!
 Thanks for the impression DACLadder.  I get a better understanding how these 2 outstanding DAC stands to each other. Glad to know there's no different between SE and other output options.
 Elise sounds good too with my LCD-2 r1, bass is as deep and punchy.  But due the weight and soundtage, I sheldom use my planar anymore.  Only once in awhile when I missed those liquid planar sound  Off topics:Btw, I just ordered Koss ESP 950, waiting for delivery, yippe ...This hobby drains my wallet and my room space LOL. I just realized, paired with a very good DAC, BCL is a detail monster.  Watching movies yesterday, vocal texture is so very delicate (not thin or...
 Thanks for Yggy comparison to M7 DACLadder.  MSB is out of my league but it's good for my own knowledge.I have the older Ref. 7.1, I take it that it sounds signature is similar to M7, despite some improvements in the newer version, besides, Ref. 7.1 thread is already dead LOL.I mainly listen to movies than musics.  I am in the fence in getting Yggy.Compared to other DAC, I agree that I have heard, Ref. 7.1 sounds a bit dark in the midrange .My NFB 2 sounds more like...
Elise deliver different sound as Elise if fully tube amp, except the rectifier of course.  Bass is more rounder in Elise. On the other hand, bass in Ember is equally extended, but with flatter, faster response as expected from SS output stage influence.  Pick your poison!
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