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 This amps look good too with bigger tube. Did you change the volume knob?
Interesting connieflyer. Could you compare the sound of 6sn7 to 6dj8? I am interested as well. I read that 6sn7 treble is a bit roll off? Is that true? And what headphone do you pair wirh 6sn7? Thank you.
I see. It's still hard to find comparison with the Ember though.
That's right, Vali has the addictive lively sound.After listening to Vali, other amps will likely sound boring, hahaha.
Thanks. I can quite imagine lyr 2 sound based on your description in comparison to Vali, that i have.
I think i saw one comparison between lyr 1 and project starlight, but not ember. The other comparison is mainly more into usability (removing tubes) and not focused on the sound alone.
Is there anyone having both lyr 2 and project ember care to share comparison in terms of sq only? Particularly im driving around hd800, hd650, h600, lcd 2. Thanks.
Thanks for the detailed comparison zorrofox. That confirms firmly my conclusions from people's brief impressions. I think i'll like ember better.
Zorrofox, could you share your comparison of Ember against Polaris? Thanks.
I ordered the new limited edition casing, so excited!
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