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UM2's sold! Grado's still for sale!
Sold my Westone UM2's to him, flawless transaction! Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again in the future. Perfect buyer.
bump, DT531's sold, SR325s and UM2s are still available!
bump! still available!
Hi, I have a mint, with original box, Sony Discman D-E905, generally heralded as the best PCDP in terms of portability (with the ESP) and sound quality (excellent line out). I'm not quite sure what the PCDP market is nowadays, which is why this is an IC, but I'd like to find out. Comes with original bag, extended battery case, flat batteries, remote control from a EJ925. I'd rate the discman as a 9.5/10 cosmetically, EXCEPT there is a tiny hairline crack on the cover,...
Hi, I'm selling a mint condition Rega Ear. Small problem: the mute button doesn't work, and I'm not savvy enough to open up the amp and fix it, but it doesn't affect the sound at all. Comes with adapter. Asking $SOLD shipped in the US.
Hey, I'm selling a few things that I have lying around. First up, the very rare, Beyerdynamic DT531 absolute mint condition with original box. Well burned in ~70 hours. 9.5/10. Looking for $SOLD shipped in the US. Second, a pair of Grado SR325 (aluminum, not i) which have been modded to terminate in a 1/8" jack to plug into portable sources. They come with bowl pads. They've seen better days, but still sound amazing. Fully burned in 100+ hours. 8/10. Looking for...
Purchased a pair of A900s from me. Great guy, excellent contact and fast payment. A genuine pleasure to deal with!
Traded for some UM2s. Ultra fast shipping, great communication, what more can you ask for? Superb head-fier!
Bought a pair of Audio Technica A900's from him, super fast shipping! The transaction couldn't have been smoother! Thanks!
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