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Placed an order for some A900's through Audio Cubes on the 24th of September. Website mentioned nothing about the product not being available or back ordered. I sent an email asking if the product had shipped, but according to their customer service rep, they don't have weekend support so no reply was issued over the weekends. Called this morning and a rep informed me that the person I needed to speak with was out and he took my contact information and indicated I'd...
Got it. Thanks anyway.
Any help would be appreciated.
If you can afford the hardware, I'd go Mac....actually, I did. Second choice would be a PC running a Linux OS. Third choice would be anything other than a Windows based system. Heck, grab a used laptop on the cheap and slap Ubuntu/Kubuntu on it. Even that would be light years better than a Windows machine. Yes, I'm very, VERY anti-microsoft, and I make no bones about it.
Yellow tips? Nope. I'm simply in love with the Westone Comply tips. Use 'em on my E500 as well as my im716's. Just super comfortable. Tried every tip I could find and even the Shure foamies didn't surpass the Comply tips.
Quote: Originally Posted by jp11801 that amp was one special amp and was purchased by the second most deserving headfier (to me of course) I had the original Moth 2a3 that was used as a review model and it was really sweet and foolishly sold it. Yep. Quite the history behind that one, but unfortunately, it wasn't the one used for the review.
You didn't say how you'd be using the tool so all I can do is tell you about my experiences with those units. In my business I use these type tools daily and have used Dremel with great success. I've even got one for my dogs nails if you can believe that. Dremel makes a fine product and they're very reliable in my experience. Have yet to have one give me problems. Still, the big complaint is that when I need to use it for finer, more detailed work, it was a bit bulky...
Too many issues...too many limitations. I'll wait for the BB Thunder or Bold.
My FLAC files are kept on an external, wirelessly networked HD which can be and is accessed by all my networked machines. I have two Macs and 2 PCs running Linux. No Windows boxes on the network.....thankfully.
Had the HR balanced for a brief time along side my Supra XLR so my experience with that one is somewhat limited. At that time, the full sized cans I owned were the PS-1, HD600, HD650, 701 and Denon 5000's. Running balanced I enjoyed the 650's the most while the PS-1's were my hands down favorites in SE mode.
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