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I'll try to make it this year.   gear TBD.  
I won't be able to make this event, so please re-assign my table space to someone next on the waiting list.   thanks
I'll be there.
I don't think I'll have my box open, but here's a peek inside for the tube lovers ;)     again, this is being finished this very week.  I will probably finish it on saturday ;)   seems I have the table with particleman, so come find me if you want a demo.
2 quick video clips showing the nixies (using a very cheap handheld digicam; doing video is NOT my strong subject!)   one shows the remote control going up and down the volume range (and the motor pot going back and forth).  the other video shows what the speed is like when you twist the knob and watch the digits fly ;)      
you should have a contest on who can guess the mux refresh rate on your watch.   ;)   I'm sure someone's hearing will go high enough.
lol   the display board was just built last nite, in fact.  took me an entire day to solder this!     (the nixies are sitting right above the 4 resistors; those are the anode resistors that feed 170v DC, in)   I've been buying old test gear and some with nixies - and I just could not resist doing a build with those cute little tubes.  they are very abundant from russia and ukraine (on ebay) and not super expensive, either ($10 per tube, average).   I was worried...
what I am planning, so far:   just completed (well, almost complete, as of right now) a beta22 build that is a little bit different from the rest:       it uses an arduino inside (LCDuino without lcd), has a delta-1 relay attenuator, IR remote and motor pot - but also uses a nixie display for dB readout.  kind of fun and somewhat uncommon, with all the LCD builds going on these days.   I also updated my build of the gamma2 dac, with a built-in spdif 'meter'...
my friend will be bringing his Hifiman HE-400 with him and I'll have that at my table, if there is space for me ;)   it sounded pretty good on the b22 (we used to leave those at work, believe it or not) but it was a bit heavy (weight wise) for me.   I'll have my hd650, which is still my go-to phones, with me, as well.
a friend of mine has an ebay AK4399-based dac that I might be able to convince him to bring:     its in a case but this was the only ebay pic I could find of the actual board.  pretty much a standard 4399 build.   if interest, I can ask my buddy to bring this cased DAC along.  I'll have my AMB gamma2 there (wm8741 based) there for comparison.   for my gear, I'm planning to have a custom beta22 and integrated delta1 attenuator.  it will be arduino-based, but with...
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