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 thanks, I'll give that a look. I'm using a custom build; voyage linux and the latest 3.19 kernel with some other dsd (not DoP but native stuff) patches, plus alsa patches and mpd patches ;)  I am wondering if I have to add usb-ids (vid/pid) to the kernel recognized dsd/usb list.  and also set the 32 bit endian-ness stuff (some vendors go one way, some the other and that's why we still need vendor specific patches up and down the stack). so, let me be sure I understand:...
just to be clear, I do like the dac (analog) output from the x3-2.  if I'm on an all analog playback chain (eg, headphone listening) then I'll definitely be using the cs4398 output on the fiio.   no complaints about the analog-out quality via the line-out.  they did an excellent job.
 if your system takes analog-in, sure. one of my systems is ONLY spdif-in (pcm only, not dsd or dts or dd5.1), so the coax-out is the only way to get audio into my main system. (I have a digital crossover and that's the start of my chain; it would actually degrade things to start with digital, covnert to analog and then convert again to digital when the signal is digital to begin with) ;)
 confirmed. I have an spdif sample rate display (DIY) and it shows 88.2 on some of the dsd files I've played thru the coax-out. my spdif-in device only understands pcm; I'm 100.0% sure of that ;)  and so, it has to be pcm and its definitely not resampled to 44.1 or 48 or anything stupid like  that.  its converted to pcm, somehow.  what I'd like to know is, how are they doing that.  from what I understand, its not a simple or easy or direct process.  its not a pure mapping,...
hi all,   I bought this unit a few months ago and am enjoying it quite a lot.   I have some tech questions, maybe the company rep or others could answer.   1) is there any way to get info about how to enable usb support for dsd playback over linux.  yes, this is an extremely technical question and I don't expect anyone to know the answer, but I'd like to help get dsd playback working over linux/usb (mpd, for a start).  I do have usb UAC2 working, out of the box, on...
I think I need a whole table, if that's do-able.   I've been pretty busy and have a few new things to show from the DIY front.
I'll try to make it this year.   gear TBD.  
I won't be able to make this event, so please re-assign my table space to someone next on the waiting list.   thanks
I'll be there.
I don't think I'll have my box open, but here's a peek inside for the tube lovers ;)     again, this is being finished this very week.  I will probably finish it on saturday ;)   seems I have the table with particleman, so come find me if you want a demo.
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