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I'm guessing by older lambda series you are referring to the original Lambda, Lambda Pro, and Lambda Signature. If so, the answer is yes, they have a good amount of swivel to conform to the sides of ones head. They're not quite as comfortable for me as the Omega 2, but they're still more comfortable than most headphones out there. Now with the Nova and number series lambdas, the new arc assembly allows for a bit less swivel of the cups, and I find them just slightly less...
Hey, that was me with the olden stax. Sorry I didn't really get to say bye and thank you for letting me listen to the q701 and experience the most beastly water cooling pc I've seen.As for the SDR-4, that's going to be an electret system, probably paired with the sr-40 headphones from the 80's with a tranformer box to attach to a speaker amp. Whereas electrostats can last for like 50 years, the electret systems are pre-charged and the sound reportedly degrades from use...
I plan on trying to make it down for this meet, very excited at the chance to see so much gear in one place and put faces with some of the forums avatars. I'll bring some Stax in tow for anyone interested, probably have the koss esp950 there as well.
  What's the best DAC for under $200?
That's what I was hoping to hear, I have the ft02 without the window as well so now I know it'll fit. Asus Fanxpert2 has provided the same experience in my system and really is a nifty controller, though I do need to fiddle with it a bit more to get a feel for its potential. I haven't done too much benchmarking since I was waiting for a better cooler than the fairly basic CM212 evo, but even with that the idle and load temps in this case are fantastic. I also replaced the...
Hey Bmac, thanks for confirming via photograph that the FT02 can fit a Thermalright Silver Arrow sb-e, I'd been wanting to do the same but the clearance listed with the FT02 was the same number as the silver arrow gave, so I was hesitant to try. Do you get good temps with this setup and can it be made virtually silent?
I'd pick whatever is behind door #2.
The new 002 stax portable amp is paired with a new in ear all together as a follow up to 001 system from the 90's. The 003 is the in ear model which has a full sized stax plug for use with home amps. As with lamda's, they all look mostly indistinguishable from each other so that doesn't help keeping track.
Do you mean new style vs previous styles of pads or just which version of the new? I'm not positive about pad differences from a performance standpoint, since I haven't tried old and new on the same model of lambda, but I can say the old style is much more comfortable. My 404, 303, and Lambda sig have the new style and become uncomfortable after long sessions of listening. (though admittedly the old style frame does help ease this a bit)
  From what I understand it's just the parts used that make them different, and of course the "B" and "C"s would be more recent as well. The PP was released in 89' as the final version and had two five pin pro bias jacks rather than one normal and one pro. It also apparently used even better components than previous versions.   I think people have also found variances even when comparing the same lettered amps, so Stax was making small changes throughout the products life.
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