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  If you are planning on buying the Alpha Dogs I would get a desktop amp rather than the Quickstep. I have the Mad Dogs and yes the Quickstep will work with them but you'd be better served by a desktop amp. You can use the Leckerton as a dac for the desktop amp too.
I connected them out of curiosity and wanted to use the Leckerton dac with the quickstep. You are correct it is double amping but it worked fine and sounded great.
Forgot to mention, I also stacked the Leckerton as a dac into the quickstep for full size headphones. Sounded very nice.
I had both the quickstep and 760 at the same time. The Leckerton has a nice dac but little output power. The quickstep doesn't have a dac but is very clean sounding and has more power for full size headphones. Both are great but serve somewhat different purposes.
What are you looking for in trade?
I believe the 603 has a more powerful amplifier and designed for higher impedance phones.
Ipod is in excellent condition and belongs to my son. He's selling it due to lack of use. It comes with a silicon type case, original box, wrist strap, sticker, etc. Unfortunately the Lightning cable is missing.   Price includes shipping and Paypal fee.   Thanks!
I'm bummed about the lack of support for 1st gen X5 but thrilled about the docking capabilities going forward.   Is the balanced out only usable with the X7?   Will the dock be offered as a package with any DAP's?
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