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The location took me by surprise. I went to Kamiakin Junior High in the early 90's. I'm no longer in the area though. Everybody have fun!
I'm selling my barely used HD650. I absolutely love the sound but I just don't have time for open headphone listening at home at the moment. Price includes shipping in the US. International shipping is at the buyers expense. Paypal only please. Thanks!
Well, you get a new Intruder for less than the original. Granite, no DAC but you can use any DAC your heart desires!
Should be interesting. I love the dac in my UHA-760 but the Mad Dogs and HD650 could use a little more juice.
Can't find much info but I have an email in to Ray for a purchase.
I purchased this RWAK100-S about a month ago. It's in excellent condition and sounds lovely as a dedicated source. Price includes shipping within the US and PayPal fee. International shipping is at an additional cost and must be Priority Mail Express or equivalent. Please note an amplifier is required for this modified version. More information can be found here   I will update this classified with pics in the next day or two. Here is...
I'll suggest the DT880 as well. Plenty of detail to go around there.
Adding the EO9k to the E17 would be a nice step up for the HD650. An under rated amp in my opinion.
Ibasso DX50 and DX90 share the same footprint as the Intruder. That would stack nicely. You would use the line out of the Ibasso into the analog input of the Intruder.
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