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Any chance you snapped a pick with the HM700 stacked on the C5? Just wondering about size similarities.   Also, can you run the balanced out of the HM700 into the C5?
While I have no doubt this will be a great sounding product, I question the limitations to a single source. What happens when you are no longer using the iPhone 5?
I don't need an open headphone right now and I already have a Vali :)
Ultrasone PRO750 would be nice as well. A little metallic sounding but great overall if you can get them at the Ebay prices.
Selling a gently used UHA-760. Below is a link to the previous owner. It's still in great condition and works flawlessly! Price includes shipping in the US and Paypal fee. International shipping is an additional charge. No trades please.
The location took me by surprise. I went to Kamiakin Junior High in the early 90's. I'm no longer in the area though. Everybody have fun!
I have a gently used pair of HD650 in excellent condition. Includes the original storage box, manual, 1/8" adapter, etc. Price includes shipping and Paypal fee in the USA. International shipping is not covered. Thanks!
Well, you get a new Intruder for less than the original. Granite, no DAC but you can use any DAC your heart desires!
Should be interesting. I love the dac in my UHA-760 but the Mad Dogs and HD650 could use a little more juice.
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