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I can agree on the combo as well. Excellent pairing. If only my HD650 cable were shorter!
  And welcome to head-fi!
Fiio L8 is nice. Check out headroom as well. They sell a 6" Cardas for a good price.
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I recently purchased this here on Head-fi but I need to free up some cash. It's in great condition and works as it should. I have the original box, charger, etc. My asking price does not include Paypal fees but I'll cover shipping in the US. International shipping is at the buyers expense. Thanks!
says android here
Either amp dac combo will be fine. You could also look at the Fiio EO9K with an E7 or E17. If you're not set on Beyerdynamic, I'd steer you to Sennheiser HD600. Just my preference.
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