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Massdrop should receive them this week and will package them to be sent individually at that point.
Does the Mini-M8 have a digital volume control or is it analog?
I've got on on order as well and will report back on potential hiss with my JH11.
Mini-M8 mass drop price will be down to $460 with a few more participants if anyone is on the fence.
Early info has been added for the new P5.
Thanks for posting this. After reading the rumblings in another thread I've been waiting on more info. I think this is a great concept and will most likely order one.
Will this dock work with the existing X5? I saw a quick post by James mentioning an X5 II so I'm a bit confused.
Any chance you snapped a pick with the HM700 stacked on the C5? Just wondering about size similarities.   Also, can you run the balanced out of the HM700 into the C5?
While I have no doubt this will be a great sounding product, I question the limitations to a single source. What happens when you are no longer using the iPhone 5?
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