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Jahn and I have migrated over to Similar vibe as head-fi of the olden days, but for guitar-gear obsessives. I'm back just because my wife needs some new earphones.
Am I missing something... is there a reason the Beyerdynamic DT1350 aren't mentioned in this thread?  
hmmm... that may be a good idea.  i just need to train my wife to use the ALAC albums.  so there's no way to create two different Libraries... a portable and a home?
i have ALAC files to stream to my home stereo, and compressed 256 VBR versions for my iPod...    so how do i keep the 256 versions out of my main library so i don't have to hear every song twice on my stereo?   TIA!!   -VA
  male supermodel, thank you very much.
i'm rocking the "January 2004"... certainly not an original gangsta, but i guess i'm old enough to be 2nd Wave.   not around much anymore... been cruising guitar forums lately.  Members' Lounge seems a little lonelier than the last time i was here? :(
WOW.   i didn't realize i'd been away so long.  it's all so....different!   i'm pretty adaptable... i'm here more for the content than the design, but this will definitely take a little getting used to.  my first reaction is... corporate?  it reminds of the SharePoint stuff we use at work.   edit: my sig is all boffed up! i'm going to have to fix it.
there is most definitely not enough love for the Parliafunkadelicment camp here... probably because leeperry is a hater (i kid, i kid). but George Clinton's influence and output cannot be misunderestimated. i strongly recommend any self-respecting or blossoming funkster pick up these two albums: Funkadelic's eponymous debut: and Cosmic Slop: i picked these two because they're both masterpieces and both too often overlooked. If you will suck my soul, I will lick...
a corvette will have more giddyup than a non-M bimmer, but won't handle the curves as well. i drive a 2000 540i Touring... beastly V8 wagon with great handling. no major maintenance issues with it... yet (knock on wood!). only complaint is that it sucks gas like a mofo, but what can you expect with a V8.
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