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Jahn and I have migrated over to Similar vibe as head-fi of the olden days, but for guitar-gear obsessives. I'm back just because my wife needs some new earphones.
Am I missing something... is there a reason the Beyerdynamic DT1350 aren't mentioned in this thread?  
hmmm... that may be a good idea.  i just need to train my wife to use the ALAC albums.  so there's no way to create two different Libraries... a portable and a home?
i have ALAC files to stream to my home stereo, and compressed 256 VBR versions for my iPod...    so how do i keep the 256 versions out of my main library so i don't have to hear every song twice on my stereo?   TIA!!   -VA
  male supermodel, thank you very much.
i'm rocking the "January 2004"... certainly not an original gangsta, but i guess i'm old enough to be 2nd Wave.   not around much anymore... been cruising guitar forums lately.  Members' Lounge seems a little lonelier than the last time i was here? :(
there is most definitely not enough love for the Parliafunkadelicment camp here... probably because leeperry is a hater (i kid, i kid). but George Clinton's influence and output cannot be misunderestimated. i strongly recommend any self-respecting or blossoming funkster pick up these two albums: Funkadelic's eponymous debut: and Cosmic Slop: i picked these two because they're both masterpieces and both too often overlooked. If you will suck my soul, I will lick...
a corvette will have more giddyup than a non-M bimmer, but won't handle the curves as well. i drive a 2000 540i Touring... beastly V8 wagon with great handling. no major maintenance issues with it... yet (knock on wood!). only complaint is that it sucks gas like a mofo, but what can you expect with a V8.
Quote: Originally Posted by Graphicism Ray's Pizza... I think it's on 8th Ave. ew. no. Quote: Originally Posted by Drag0n Grimaldi's Pizza - Under the Brooklyn Bridge. Frank Sinatra's favourite place. Grimaldi's Pizzeria Grimaldi's is good... as are Lombardi's, Totonno's and John's Pizza. those are really the gold standard of NY style pizza, as far as i'm concerned.
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