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I'm now hosting a daily build of Rockbox for the iPod Classic, with only the Vendor and Product USB IDs changed to "0x123A" and "0x456B" respectively, which aren't currently assigned. That build will make a Rockboxed iPod Classic work on OS X. No other patches are applied. The daily archive: The corresponding patch:
The OP should be updated: the latest font pack is, and the iPod Classic now has its own section on the theme site.
I didn't know such a medical condition existed. That must be horrible :-(
5Ω is nearly the same output impedance as the iPod Classic, which is 5.5Ω. Here are some frequency response charts with various headphones / IEMs (for perfect audio, the lines should be flat): Denon AH-D2000, 25Ω: Shure SE425, 22Ω: Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10, 32Ω: The effect will likely be minimal in most cases. The TF10's shown here are one of the most problematic pair of IEMs on the market.
In other news, foobar2000 is pulling a Pono.
Maybe the cool kids these days are buying vinyl records because that's the hip thing to do?
The latest dev build:
What? It's obviously moar betterer!
Monty did just that. Spoiler: the waves (sine and square, analog and digital) look identical.
I think they went for "iconic". Sadly, Jony Ive wasn't available for hire, and they failed horribly.
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