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There's a red LED at the back that lights up when charging, and turns off when it's done.
4) it saves a lot of bulk and cables and inconvenience of an external amp
"I think we'll just have to settle with turning the amp off if we want the rest of the package." I meant, why are you dismissing the built-in amplifier.
Nope, it's already marketed as audiophile: "Custom high-powered audiophile amplifier"Why are you dismissing it out of hand?
And what is my ban-able offense?
The O2 isn't as special as you think. It's just a good amp. There are other good amps.
Because they would be bored if they didn't.Yes.No, it does not. A good amp is fully transparent, it doesn't add anything - unless it has specific functions to alter the source, like a bass boost or crossfeed function.
Thing is, this is 2014, not 1999, when the first MP3 players were emerging. I can't think of a good reason why a modern DAP shouldn't be feature complete.
It seems to me that people bitching about the firmware would be better off with a Rockboxed device. Has anyone measured the X5 to see if its output is really superior to an iPod Classic or a Clip+? Even the Classic is cheaper than the X5...
Definitely more predictable than random impedance interaction with various gear.
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