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Shure SE425, and Bose QC15 headphones
Not that my Clip+ or headphones or IEMs need an amp, but it's a nice amp! (Topping NX1)
What standard? The X5 is rated at 1.5 Vrms, the X3 at 1.7 Vrms; "Consumer audio" is about 0.3 Vrms, "professional audio" is about 1.2 Vrms, a CD player is 2 Vrms, an iPod Classic is about 0.83 Vrms, a Clip+ is about 0.5 Vrms, and my Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone does about 0.13 Vrms. As you can see, "line outs" are all over the map.
He did already:
With the iPod's output impedance of 5.5Ω, ideally, you want headphones / IEMs with impedance that is at least 8 times higher, i.e. 44Ω. Your IEMs are rated at 47Ω (and they're fairly sensitive, too, at 106 dB/mW), so they're a perfect match.
Sorry, but you're doing it wrong. You complain about "quite loud hiss": this is why. High gain with those IEMs will make them sound worse, not better.I can only imagine the sheer effort required to push a button…
You definitely don't want to set the C5 to high gain with those IEMs, ever.
I don't understand the point of such ridiculously high sensitivity. It's more of a flaw than anything else.
Is the amp set to low gain?That's a ground loop. You can try a ground loop isolator (search on Amazon or whatever).
It still is an actual problem, yes. Many devices still have excessively high output impedance (10-100 ohms, like smartphones, tablets, computers, as well as other devices with a headphone out, such as active desktop speakers). Some devices also have very weak output (notably, certain smartphones), but the built-in amp in the Mo-Fi will only help with that if it has enough gain (or if the headphone part is sensitive enough).Being able to plug my self-amped Bose QC15s into...
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