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I LOVE my LCD-2 with the P4...fed by the new IBASSO D7       Little HF-porn for ya
I would suggest balancing the HD600...and then rolling opamps to get the sound you want...I find that nothing satisfied me more than balancing my HD650s
Nope...the lack of detail and muffled sound is due to inadequate amplification and or poor source...nothing to do with pads (though you can replace them if they are worn)  
THANKS for the compliments...I am blessed, THANKS to my buddies here at head-fi for all their advice over the last 3 years, I cannot believe how long it has been  JAMATO, HEADPHONE ADDICT, HIFLIGHT, CRAIG-WHIPLASH (he made the LCD-2 cable)
  Here you go...DIY silver mini2mini IC how much they charge for the plate and earpads....curious if there is much of a difference in A/B comparison!
Haha...amp and phone porn is on the got it!
I think the LCD-2 and the RS1i do everything well, the LCD-2 (rev1 which is what I have) just does it a bit better   It is subjective but I think it is a much fuller phone   another thing is that the LCD2 is an open but over the ear phone and the grado is a REALLY open it is two very different presentations   So, I am glad I have both, I dont see myself selling either of these and really like to switch back and forth   the LCD-2 is an...
It does not drive the LCD-2 as well as it does the RS1i (grados are notoriously easier to drive)     I am now using it as a DAC to feed the P4 and LCD-2 OMG...a marriage made in HEAVEN (and my P4 is stock---cant imagine it getting better but will be upping the ante with HIFLIGHT)...AND MAY I add that the P4 and the RS1i is great too!   *Christian McBride LIVE at TONIC (if you like Modern Jazz, this CD is the if I could only find CD3)
Listening right now with the RS1i...YOU WILL LOVE THIS LITTLE AMP/DAC!   streaming music and it sounds fantastic...listening to DANCE music and drives nice bass and full sound   **What I have always liked about IBASSO stuff is they sound great right out of the gate (out of the box)   ***and again this is right out of the BOX
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