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WOW! That says it all there...glad I jumped on the LCD-2 wagon when I did!  
Ya...I have been taken not here on head fi but other forums and do they compare to your 800s?
check the classifieds...there was a few that you can have retermed
  I honestly think this one is a no-brainer!    
  It DOESNT is simply the best bang for the buck if you need basically the best trans"portable" DAC and a pretty nice amp for under 200   I was talking to someone the other day that I hit HEAD-FI at just the right time, right when IBASSO set the new standard for quality and price    
or some people are half deaf too!
Just ask folks in the thread about warm opamps...hiflight sells the kits  
Trent, just get a warm amp...or roll some warm opamps   Im going to have one of my professional photog friends take pics of all my stuff
EXACTLY...however, it IS perhaps the BEST DAC available both at its SIZE and PRICE...and the AMP section can drive even some very high performance phones quite nicely...Ultrasones and the RS1i are no problem, and if you are like me, this is perfect for my setup  
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