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  Thanks dogg....wooden headphones, wooden box...especially for a set of phones that cost 700 beans!    
I have a whiplash cable for mine and it sounds very is a OCC cable, but I want a silver cable next
Quote: Originally Posted by BotByte      You need to get a RA-1 amp to push the RS1 to the limit. No other amp pairs better. Ill take a double LOL, with a triple LOL shot!
Thanks for flaming bro...but at $700, it is "one" of their top of the line phones and as I noted to them, to some people, like me, it is the little things, and they dont have an influence on the sound but...have you ever seen a pair of first gen vintage RS1...machined posts, now they use caps, the L/R plastic inserts look very cheap (though I did find out they make them them-self at GL)...   So I appreciate your critique of my critique detoxguy but where you might see...
I like them both too....however, I even contacted GRADO a couple weeks ago and told them that they lost their way a bit...the RS1 being a flagship, SHOULD have the extra amenities as the LCD-2 has, nice presentation box, headband, etc...however if you look at the RS1 upper and box, looks like every other grado phone....they could be sexier and treated like a 700 phone
I really cannot see too many phones touching the LCD-2 with respect to not only sound but curb appeal too...they just look like a million bucks!
Yes...I dont know how UPS and IBASSO do it, but its almost like magic!!!!    
GREAT REVIEW....I think it just cannot be beat, and the price is a BONUS..allows you to get a good interconnect and still have some left over for music  
which case?
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