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    Sexy in the dark D7 feeding the P4 (IBASSO units) feeding my LCD-2s
LCD-2 just impress me more and more as I listen to them....streaming Dance musix and its great
Have to say was listening to my 2500s at work, and I havnt in a while, using my IBASSO D6...I was so pleased...what a great set of phones, and the amp and DAC does make a difference, dont think they sounded as good with other setups. Anyway...the will not be for sale as I had considered.  
They are extremely prompt....and this thing is my only DAC I use at present, may buy another for my office at work!
You can get both on the secondary market...grados about 500, LCDs in the 750-800 range   Id try to preview them first
However, the HD650 and low end grado are not the phone subject of the thread!    
V...thanks for getting my POINT   Considering I own both set of phones folks need to stop flaming on me!!!   I am allowed my opinion and VONX understands my point!!!   THANK YOU!  
What amp are you running...?   IBASSO P4 is da bomb with these phones (fed by a D7 DAC)
Ok, well another A/B with DNB hardcore...LCD-2 just does it better...grado RS1i are good but LCD-2s just do it better!   and the 3-dimensionality of the LCD-2 cannot be touched either!
This is an expensive hobby....actually was listening to some nice dubstep hardcore yesterday....the DJ did a 4 song Pink Floyd block!!!
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