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This little thing is my go to feeder for my P4 at home....LOVES it to stream musix from the macbook to the P4 to the LCD2!
-1   Just dont think the 650s are in the same solar system as the LCDs
I love the Ibasso P4 to drive them...going to get a balanced cable and use the PB1/2 try that out...but these phones make me WANT to listen as much as I can, no other phone has done that for me (HD650/Ultrasones/Grado)
I dont care what anyone says...THESE ARE SIMPLY THE GREATEST PHONES EVER!!!
Yes, I am simply enamored by these phones...they make me WANT to listen to music ALL the time!    
Ill have to do some A/B'ing this week for you...but perhaps answered the ? if your IPAD is going to be a main source
I had a cable made to go from HIROSE to mini out for my DB1...also the D7 is a fantastic DAC unit too   I use the D7 and P4 combo all the time now
Ya, you know why...the more people (stars and public figures) that wear them, the MORE phones he will sell   They are all over campus, I heard a story of someone being murdered for their BEATZ...HOW F'ING SAD!  
I have never done as much listening as I have done with the D7 feeding the P4 to my LCD-2s   Can you say:   Ménage à trois  
Tap, Tap   I find the grados very high and mid dominant...its a good phone, but at that price point I expect more as well, both in presentation and performance too!    
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