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Loves these LCD-2 Rev 1s...amazing!!!
I have to disagree...did some A/B again this morning and the LCD just win hands down for all music genre...and even though they are heavier are much more comfortable to wear than the grado   (LCD Rev 1 with whiplash Cu cable, new stock RS-1)    
I am a huge Ibasso fan, I dont think you NEED TUBES at all, I am solid state all the way and Im using a P4 for my LCD-2 (fed by the D7 DAC) and the PB2 for my HD650 balanced, the HD 650 to me only sound good balanced, or should I say sound best...
I have to think that it may be your amplification, not fully driving the LCDs to their potential    
I think it is apples and oranges for sure...I think the LCD-2 is in a class of its own, the HC650 is good, but I NEVER use them anymore!   I just keep them around because I had a balanced cable made for them but they just sit....
It going to make them a little better...I have an aftermarket copper cable...sounds great...
They are as prompt shipping as humanly possible...I have always received the packages promptly...sometimes faster than domestic shipping here in the states, makes me wonder sometimes about inefficiency in shipping!
Red would be TIGHT!
I like my P4 stock
Two things to reiterate, you are not going to get what the song doesn't have itself, your equipment is only as good as the source. In addition, you have to have the right amp to drive the phones too...ibasso p4 single ended and the PB1/2 balanced are perfect for the LCD2   LOVES ME MY LCD2s!!!!  
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