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Considering adding some toxicity to my LCD-s
  Hmmm...I dont find them dark at all, seems amplification and source...I think they are quite neutral
Hmm...I think the LCD are more the center of the universe which all phones revolve around...LOL
    Congrats! It is a small club..but as for me I need no other phones! I consider them HP Nirvana!
  Just have a DIY'r reterm a cable for you...  
Sure I can appreciate that...however, these phones are extremely hard to drive and doubtful that prior owners of LCDs would be abusers, it is a different price point and consumer at that level...I was happy to get a phenomenal cable included with my LCDs at less than retail...
    Yes priorities...however there are a couple pair on the used for sale forum for a great deal, one comes with an aftermarket cable, the other with two sets of earcups!
You know what though, when you pay that kind of me it makes a difference, My GF bought me a pair of RS-1i for the holidays and they came in that crappy cardboard box, I flamed up another thread...also the wood selection for the cups was less than stellar too....   My point it, the QC for the LCD-2 and their attention to detail is quite impressive...I also like the travel case option too, those pelican cases are nice as well.   I store my LCDs in the box,...
You wont be disappointed, as far as I know D2000s are a below the LCDs for sure, and the LCDs are made in the USA...get a fine wood cup earpiece and a fantastic presentation box too!
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