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First off,   I love this amp. I am not selling to upgrade to another amp, I simply am thinking of selling it because I'm moving to the east coast from California for grad school and the amp is just too heavy to bring.   It is a beautiful amp and sounds excellent with Grados from the 34 ohm jack, there is a 300 ohm jack for higher impedence headphones (Beyers, HD650, HD800.etc)   The construction is very solid. There is also point-to-point wiring which is unheard of...
Thanks again!
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I bought a Teac UD-H01 for $150 on eBay. It sounds pretty good with the SR-325i, although now I'm only using it's DAC section and driving it with a tube amp.
Has anyone who's heard the SRH1840 also heard the Grado Sr-325i's? I'm interested in hearing opinions about those two if anyone wants to chime in >:)
Call me a geek, but I love the simple, DIY/made-in-a-garage look of the bottlehead amps. 
I couldn't agree more. For the money, it's actually quite a nice little DAC. I think I'm going to have to spend at least $500 to actually find a unit with better sound. 
I got mine today. I'm currently testing it in my system. The build is quite impressive, and it's as big as an integrated amp from the 1980's. It's got point to point wiring under the hood, which is a plus. The sound is way better than the headphone amp in my Teac AH-01. So far so good! I'll be doing a more extensive write up soon, but for now I need to rock out to some Lou Reed.   
I just got the Yarland tube amp today and hooked it up to the Teac using it's analog outputs. I can definetly say there is an improvement. Everything seems more dynamic and airy. The DAC section on the Teac is definitely stronger than it's amp section. Soon I hope to do a shootout between it, the Schiit Bifrost and the new Peachtree Dac at a dealer. I'll end up keeping whichever sounds better. Aesthetically, something black would look nicer with my rig.   
Forgive my ignorance, but wouldn't the ES9012 be the ideal Sabre dac since it is in stereo and the 9018 is 8 channel? 
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