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Greetings, I just recently aquired a pair of V-Moda M80's, I checked and they are not fakes. While I like the sound, they don't quite fit me because my head is too big! I'd be interested in trading for the following or selling for cash ($85 shipped in the U.S.)   Headphones   Ultrasone HFI-680 Ultrasone HFI-780 Ultrasone Pro 660 Ultrasone Pro 750 (or any of their open air models would also be fine)   Grado Grado SR-125 or 225's would also be awesome.
Count me in too! I have recently returned from a few years of teaching in Colombia, and have recently returned to the states, albeit with a really bad job market, so this looks like my only chance to get a decent set of cans in the near future! Facebook: Twitter:
Greetings,   I have a nice LG phone that I've been using for the last year, but just upgraded to an iPhone 5. I am looking for a nice pair of IEM's to trade for it, and I know that more than enough people here have nice ones laying around. This is a great phone and runs Android, and could also make a nice portable source, phone for the kids, travel phone.etc.    I bought it in Colombia but verified it is unlocked and works with U.S. sim cards.    Inbox me...
Hi there, Do you still have these available? I live in Colombia, but have a U.S. address you can send them to.
The UE Super Fi 4's problem is with the right earpiece (probably the connection)   The Goldring works fine in one channel, but the proble is the cable connector.   This would be a great deal for someone handy with a soldering iron.   $30 shipped in CONUS for both.
Greetings,   I'm looking for some decent sounding IEM's because i'm travelling soon. I can't spend over $50, but if you have some extras laying around, I'll buy them.   I can also trade for an NIE USB dac if possible.
I'm also in the market for a new netbook. I've been running a Mac Mini with a 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4 & 512 MB ram, but it hasn't been cutting the mustard lately. I'm undecided between the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA and the Lenovo S10. I also have bigger fingers, so a real keyboard would be a plus. Has anything new come out recently?
Who says vinyl is obsolete? If done right, it still sounds better than digital to me. While there might be occasional pops and clicks if the record is dusty, nothing else gets my foot tapping quite as well. There is something special about analog sound. It's like comparing a vintage Jaguar E-type to a 2010 to a Subaru WRX STI. Sure, the Subaru will run circles around the Jag, and the Jag might be fussier, but the Jag has a special je ne sais quoi that the Subaru could...
Okay, i'll come right out and say it. DT880's are a slice of suck pie. They didn't do anything right no matter what amp i tried them with at the socal meet. If you are looking to spend around 250$ for new cans, just go with HD600's or SR-325's. High-end philips are nice too.
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