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Big fan of ATC here. I heard the SCM12's on a Naim/Krell system. They are the next high end loudspeakers I'll be purchasing.
I can't believe how entitled people are acting about this deal. It was an error, a miscommunication, now you guys are demanding discounts and coupons on other stuff and reaming the company for their shipping prices. They are doing their best, and going to issue everyone full refunds. In most parts of the world you'd all be out all that money and stuck with a Denon dac.
I'm using a HRT Microstreamer II on the latest version ofUbuntu with zero problems.
Greetings, I have for sale a pair of recently serviced Koss ESP-950's. While I love these, I travel too much for such a cumbersome rig. I had the headband, earpads and transducers replaced, so they are like new. All accessories are included. Buyer pays shipping costs   They also come with Koss's lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty. I'm also willing to trade for the following:   Audeze LCD-2 JH Audio JH16   If you have any questions, PM me.
Greetings,   I have for sale my Jolida Glass FX DAC Mini. This is a great sounding DAC and a fantastic value for this price. There is no headphone out, but it can be used with a headphone amp. I was using it with my Koss ESP-950's and the sound was pretty close to the Meridian Director, which costs more than 10x as much as this.   Price is firm.   Shipping is included.
I am seriously loving the soundtracks from this movie. It's like very dark and melodic rock, a bit reminiscent of earlier Brian Jonestown Massacre. Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL are definetly new discoveries for me.   Has anyone else heard this?
Go for it. I have them and trust me, there's nothing that holds a candle to them at that price.
Sadly It looks like I can't make it as I don't have any way to get there from Brattleboro, VT. Argh not having a car sucks.
Why would anyone in their right mind buy HD700's when you can get Koss ESP-950's for $600
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