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Sennheiser HD800 - $899 or $874 with Amex http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?sdtid=9275935&SID=4451a040b2da11e6af1d5a678dbb01410INT&AID=10440897&PID=1225267   Sol Republic Master...
http://aloaudio.deals/shop/hifi-man-he-1000-alo-edition/   Hifiman HE1000 for 1.5k at auction on the ALO deals page.
Less racism and more deals please.    Velodyne VLeve and Vfree headphones from $13-$20 each. 93% off. They probably suck for $200, but aren't half bad for under 20 bucks. I just ordered the wired & wireless options for xmas gifts.    http://flash.newegg.com/Campaign/10491?icid=WP_14_11162016
I just recently got a LeEco LE S3 which has a USB Type-C instead of a normal headphone jack. I tried the apple earbud clones that came with it and they sound quite good for the cost. Much better than the apple earpods out of a normal headphone jack to my ears. I have no idea why this is, it could be something as simple as higher volume. I'm interested in seeing companies adapt to this change. Soon DACs/Amps/Headphones might all come in the same package, which sort of makes...
Would you guys say that a LeEco Le S3 for $150 on the 11/2 sale is a good deal? Thinking about taking the plunge tomorrow as the Moto G4 I ordered won't work with my AT&T LTE, and therefore is being sent back to Amazon.
What would you recommend for under $200? I'd use it with at&t.
I am using MDR-7550's, but sometimes find myself missing that top end sparkle from armature drivers. Does anyone here own the MDR-7550 and the newer XBA-H3's? I'm wondering if I should go back to Armatures. I really love the bass of the MDR-7550's, but more resolving high sparkle on my Phonak PFE-022's. I would like to try the XBA-Z5's too, but they are a bit too rich for my blood.
Great pair of headphones in decent condition. These sound better than ATH-M50's and most closed cans under $150. Originally retailed for a lot more & have solid build quality & a long cable which is great for monitoring and DJing. They also sound good straight out of a headphone jack or with an amp. Some faint battle scars from use in the studio as seen in photos. Price includes shipping to continental US.
Yes thanks again Tyrion! This was a great meet (with great meat). The newer Hifiman cans really surprised me!  Cheers, Tim 
I miss the old school head-fi/headwize days! I totally like talking to other hobbyists. Since then I've noticed a lot of profiteers and "flippers" join the community who don't really care about the sound, but just want to make a quick buck. Sad really.
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