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This has been for sale on head-fi way too long. I've moved it to eBay with a $9.99 start price, so bids will be done there. I do however reserve the right to end the auction if I get a good trade deal
Nice front end. Your system is screaming for Stax though :P
P.S. I also use a Meridian director and am currently pretty happy with it.
The Chord hugo is mostly trendy audiophile hype IMO. You're paying a LOT of cash for something that doesn't sound a whole lot better than a Geek Out 1000 IMO.   I'd vote for the Naim V2 out of those. Naim has bar none the best resale value of any of the high end audio brands out there thanks to Naim's rabid cult following.   However, you might also want to listen to an Apogee Symphony I/O if you are have an apple-based system. It's based on the Sabre 9018 and sounded...
The best Sabre DAC I've heard was definetly the Apogee Symphony. That said, there are tons of Wolfson and Cirrus Logic based DAC's out there that sound amazing too.
As a former GS1000 owner, I can definetly say that the Audeze LCD-2's trounce them. Even my AKG K340's, when properly powered sounded better.
I just got the plush pads from China... they are so comfy and do improve the sound a bit
Sale pending.
Up for sale are my good condition AKG K-340's. I've tried both Denon D5000's and Grado GS-1000's and ended up keeping these because they sounded better. The only reason I'm selling is that I got Koss ESP-950's.   Lowballers and other cheapskates will be ignored.
Up for sale is my Geek Out 1000 DAC / Amp based on the Sabe 9018 chips. This is the best bang-for-your-buck audio component I've ever owned. It beat out many amps costing hundreds of dollars more at the last headphone meet I went to.   However, I just bought an iPad on impulse and need to reduce my bank account's pain and suffering, and since I now have an electrostatic rig, my old traditional headphone rig needs to go.   $230 shipped.
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