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Greetings, I have for sale a pair of recently serviced Koss ESP-950's. While I love these, I travel too much for such a cumbersome rig. I had the headband, earpads and transducers replaced, so they are like new. I am currently doing some field work in Morocco but will be in Paris next week, so I can ship them anywhere within the EU if I have a buyer by next monday. Buyer pays for shipping.   This is a fair price, as these are very hard to get in Europe and consistently...
Greetings,   I have for sale my Jolida Glass FX DAC Mini. This is a great sounding DAC and a fantastic value for this price. There is no headphone out, but it can be used with a headphone amp. I was using it with my Koss ESP-950's and the sound was pretty close to the Meridian Director, which costs more than 10x as much as this.   Price is firm.   Shipping is included.
I am seriously loving the soundtracks from this movie. It's like very dark and melodic rock, a bit reminiscent of earlier Brian Jonestown Massacre. Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL are definetly new discoveries for me.   Has anyone else heard this?
Go for it. I have them and trust me, there's nothing that holds a candle to them at that price.
Sadly It looks like I can't make it as I don't have any way to get there from Brattleboro, VT. Argh not having a car sucks.
Why would anyone in their right mind buy HD700's when you can get Koss ESP-950's for $600
Sale Pending
Monster Diesel VEKTRs -  $69.99   Momentum on-ear - $78   V-Moda Crossfade M-80's - $113   Seem like the best deals I see on Amazon right now.
Sorry I couldn't make it out last weekend. I'm just so busy with school stuff and didn't have a ride. It looks like it was fun though!
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