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Ordered mine on the 7th Just been notified mine has been shipped Don't know how long it will take to get to Australia Then FedEx has to find me here in sub-tropical Queensland where it's Hot,Hot,Hot Sheltering in my airconditioned mancave   Thanks everyone for all your enthusiam for this little amp/DAC I would never have bought the Fulla without your input   Quelch
Ordered mine on December 7thWould I be right in thinking that mine has not been shipped and wont be until they have all been fixedSo I don't need to worry about getting a faulty one ? My sympathy for the problems you're having with this lovely little device
Hi ozkan,Just ordered my Xiaomi Piston 2 Thanks for the tip about removing the foamWhat are RE0/400 filters and where would I get  them from ? Quelch
Dayton DTA-100a mini review                            The Dayton Audio DTA–100a offers a notable improvement in audio quality over computer sound, a pretty good headphone jack the DTA–100a’s headphone jack is on par with that of an inexpensive headphone amplifier Using my Sennheiser HD25-SD11, Ultrasone HFI-2200 ULE and TDK in ear monitors the sound seemed cleaner, more detailed, I wanted to keep listening to my music ! Tried it with my Nexus 7 tablet too and...
Thanks for the reply billybob   I've just bought the 'Dayton Audio DTA-100a Class-T Digital Amplifier 50 WPC Black' from Amazon $105- Aussie dollars plus $20- delivery, so not a huge investment   Read umpteen reviews of it and decided it was one of the best available and it has a headphone output which is claimed to be for high quality headphones   I'll be using it to power hi-fi speakers from the computers as well as headphone use from the computer and a...
I'm interested in trying one of the cheap Chinese tripath amplifiers or T-amps A headphone amp or an intergrated amp with headphone socket Some of these tripath amps are said to be very good soundwise   Any recommendations to try ?
Definitely get your hearing checked as soon as possible as hearing can deteriorate further rather quickly with some conditions
Ultrasone HFI-2200 ULE  Velor pads Five and a half years old, still excellent sound Do headphones improve with age as do musical instruments and speakers ?   Small cracks in headband, doesn't effect the use of the headphones   It was DexDexter that got me into Ultrasone headphones too !
Are you playing music from your desktop/laptop computer or from CD player   What price range are you comfortable with for a headphone amplifier   Playing music from a computer you will probably need a DAC/amplifier combo   More questions than answers,I know but it should help others give you some advice !
What do you think of the AudioQuest DragonFly DAC and headphone amplifier   For use with a laptop computer as a music source with loss-less recordings on the hard drive ?
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