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Don't be put off the Fulla by comments about 'sharp edges' it would only be a problem if you are going to turn the volume control with your lips or tongue but for most of us it's not a problem If you want a luxury item you pay a luxury price, the Fulla is a drop dead bargain, I can live with a few tiny imperfections
A Dragonfly is about $150- American, wouldn't that be better than carrying all that other equipment around with the Fulla ?atomicbob measured 96 degrees Fahrenheit for the Fulla, I measured 36 degrees Celsius that's about  98 degrees Fahrenheit a little warmer than atomicbob but I'm in the sub-tropics To produce that heat all the time takes power, it was not designed to be a portable amp/dac !
Fear notMost new Fulla buyers are too busy enjoying their new toy to do any postingThis tiny thing is a joy to useMy Ultrasone, Sennnheiser and TDK in ears all sound much improved with the FullaEven though my motherboard has a good quality audio chip the little Fulla surpasses it easilyAs 'AtomicBob' said in his excellent review, they do get warm, I'm in the sub-tropics, it's the middle of summer, my Fulla gets HOT but still works perfectly When reading the problems some...
Anyone in cooler climes using the Fulla as a hand warmer ?   Talk about hot Schiit In the sub-tropics this tiny amp/dac is getting fairly hot, I don't suppose that would affect the longevity    Never had an external DAC before this tiny thing has convinced me of the aural benefits, now I'm looking for a DAC to go between my computer, my Topping TP20-MK 2 amplifier and my Mission Cyrus speakers I'll be nagging all my friends to get a Schiit Fulla, I'll put on a...
LOLI thought I'd read all the jokes but you invented another !
I've used my Fulla with TDK in ear phones, Sennheiser HD25 SP's, Ultrasone 2200 ULE'shaven't had a problem with the treble being too bright, it does make the music more 'involving' if that makes sense  Hope this is reassuringQuelch
Exactly soAs soon as you plug the Fulla in the Windows volume goes to full on, this way you're not tampering with the signal pathThe volume knob on the Fulla is not hard to turn !
Got my Schiit Fulla DAC/amp yesterday Been using this tiny thing for a few hours All the praise that has been said of it in the Head-Fi forum is correct The sound quality is discernibly better through the Fulla than direct from the computer, even though my Asrock motherboard has the excellent Realtek BlueRay chip Music from my ancient laptop played through the Fulla is chalk and cheese compared to direct from the laptop Highly recommended   One thing I've noticed but I...
Thanks a million for the reviewHaving paid for the Fulla and thirty bucks for FedEx to deliver it to me here in Queensland Australia, your review is very reassuring that I've made a sound (pun) investmentWe're getting a lot of value for little moneyHoping to get mine by Christmas Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, you deserve it after writing that great review ! Quelch
Consider Schiit Audio's Magni-2/Modi-2 amp/DAC combination http://schiit.com/products/magni-2http://schiit.com/products/modi-2 After you've stopped laughing at the toilet jokesI'm getting Fulla Schiit, I beg your pardon, I'm getting a Schiit Fulla, a tiny amp/DACMy aging ears need all the help they can get (At a reasonable price) Made in the USA, no middle men, buying direct from the manufacturer, very well thought of in these forums Quelch
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