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x2 - I have this conversation all the time, but purely about the bass itself, especially referring to "how low it goes" vs "but, can you transcribe it?". Lower mud adds nothing if you can't hear the clarity. It is almost the 1 x 18", 2 x 15", or 4 x 12" in bass speaker cabinets. John Entwhistle believed in the last option - because he was playing something worth listening to on the bottom end, and not just plodding along. Guess it depends on what you want (or don't...
I've never had that problem with either of my Khozmos, nor my 42 step Acoustic Dimensions.
How is this related to DIY?   Needs to be moved, like, elsewhere.
Oh, oh, oh - special shout out for the Fidelio L1s - for some semi/pseudo closed phones for work, these phones rock.
Took quite a while to get home, but the good news is that the drought is for sure over. Rain was well over 1" per hour all the way from Austin to Dallas.   As always, great to see old friends and new faces. You guys were really great on the munchies. Kudos.   I am glad everyone likes the OII better than the he60, but ... hoping the ¥ keeps moving in the right direction.   Loved two things (that I can comment on) - the Dsativsk Torpedo - that is a sweet DIY...
Sorry to be such a Linderella, but I have to depart the site by 3pm, as I have a committment in Dallas tomorrow night.   Pseudo good news is that the CTH is burning in, but being tempremental, so she may come, and may not.   Question is: what time to be there? 9ish?
Yep, all fine - just need to let it burn in.   :-)
I was not a DAC believer, per se, until I heard the PS Audio Perfect Wave... and how it destroyed my Ayon CD1 (the original). Now my question is how much better is the PWD than a Buffalo III? Guess I could spend $6k on a source (love me some Ayon), but then couldn't buy the SR-009.   And, x2 on the pre-1986 date codes on 6h30. I have some 1982 in my CD-1, and sourced a pair of 1979 date codes, but @ $400 a pop. Not there just yet.
Exactly. Moving to a file server in the near future. I've seen the light, and it wasn't down at the Triple Rock.   ;-)
Some are (which I can use), and the ones I'm bringing aren't... hence why I'm donating them... in fact just found a couple more. These include DSOTM, Police: Synchronicity, Aerosmith: Oh Yeah, Alison Krause: New Favorite and (maybe) SRV: Texas Flood (gotta make sure that one isn't a hybrid).   I'm certainly ok if you happen to 'win' some in the distribution, as we seem to have a rich history of that in Texas (as some at the Houston meets can attest)...  ...
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