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Once I can drop the $2.5 - 3k on a Perfect Wave and Bridge...   :-)
I'll be there with the Ayon - LL - HE60.
Sorry I missed, but have not been following closely, and, no one pinged me. But, everyone has heard my rig any way.   :-)
Just awesome.... words fail.
So many points to agree with.   I have a rig I am absolutely happy with, and yet, have heard components that I think would improve my experience (SR-009, Perfect Wave DAC), but would I *enjoy* them any better, and within the confines of how I listen (3-5 hours at a time)? And, I am in the diminishing audio enjoyment mode, with declining listening capability AND tinitus. I will go down slugging like a certain composer who sawed off his piano legs so he could feel the...
And yet, Gold is appropriate...  
Salt Lick in Round Rock... probably just what I ordered... and yes, I got to see Santa and Satan in Cayman... in the same day, just a few miles apart.
Gotta say my Friday night experience at Salt Lick was sub-par, but maybe it was a lack of tequila. And kudos to Chris for that video - the still shot makes me look like the Sith, charming a young and impressionable luvdunhill...     Oh, and shout out on the pics - while i have shown them to my wife (proving I was at least *somewhere* listening to headphones), she still just can't accept we would drive hundreds of miles to listen to headphones. Funny, she was ok...
Quote: There was no BH at the meet, as luvdunhill would gladly explain. The amp in question are the old board sets, with some heavily modded sections. Sounded somewhat like my old BH (from back in the day) built from the same boards, and with xf2 tubes, but not the same... and, yes I did listen to the OII with it, and the Gammas, but not the he60.   Did not change my mind one bit about not continuing with that topology... nor the OII. Oh, and the heat issue is still......
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