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Maybe we can get Mark to bring his OII, setting up:   Ayon CD1 : PWDac : Oppo --> LL : BHSE --> SR-009 : Sr-007 (OII) : HE60    Meet conditions and all that, but we will deflower some Staxen virgins...   Maybe we can get ANOTHER set of PWDac -> KGSS -> OII - I'll send a note...
Tax season?!?   :-)
I am still just taken with the absolute precision of the PWD vis a vis the Ayon, without any impact on the 'musicality'... but, can still get along with the Ayon ok, given what I spent to get the right tubes.   But, I just can't return to the LG tube rolling insanity from my Wheatfield HA-2 days... like vinyl... just.... can't...   :-)
Awesome job... I had a pit in my stomach scrolling through the ratings. Too bad the HE-60 wasn't included, but I more or less concur with your conclusions... from what I have heard, my music prteferences, etc.   We are all in your debt for even attempting such a mission.   Gracias.   PS - and you came to the right conclusion, in the end.   :-)
I was also lost in translation - but I'll bring the same old stuff, pending what Senn does at CES. Hopefully AC will join as well.
Now, I am waiting. The SR-009 will be around if this doesn't materialize.
Funny thing is that I never cared for the HD650 either, and like to think of the HE60 as a super HD600 - just to perpetuate a decade long debate.  :-)
Too bad no one took a pic of Nick with the 009 - ya know, the Stax without the "etch"?  :-)   I actually liked the LFF Planar phones, but it would take an amp search to match with them - for my taste... and, remember why I sold the (balanced) HD800. We were not meant to be together... like me and my first wife. Just following the SR-009 path, while deciding that I could live with the Ayon as a source for a little longer, mainly because no one brought a PWD.
I'll also bring the object of so much scorn and angst - the original eXStatA... may even offer it up for sale, if someone is thinking of making the stat jump without rupturing your spleen.   :-)
  It will be interesting to see if there are any differences between the LL... maybe I can sweet talk Shelly into coming up for the day with the Perfect Wave and the OII.  :-)
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